Silver750's street build by silver750

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Silver750's street build

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Bought her in February and couldn't keep the mod bug away 

First mod was JoeZ intake with AFE dry filter drop in. Butt dyno reported happy gains, but the increase in the roar was probably a bit more noticeable.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image (1).jpg

Second mod was the JoeZ exhaust. Probably my most favorite mod so far. Craftsmanship on this exhaust is second to none. Clean welds, clean hangers, high quality stainless steel. Kudos to JoeZ for keeping this one made domestically

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image.jpg

Mod number three was 19x8.5 +34 and 19x9.5 +35 Varrstoen TE37's......just kidding, they are the real deal! Not much to be said here but they look awesome. The big problem I have with these are temporary as they came with 225/255 in the front/back which makes them skinnier than the 235/275 I was running on the stockies. 

No worries, will refinish these beautiful wheels and put more aggressive rubber on them when the current rubber wears down. 


Mod four was Stance GR+ coilovers that I bought from a great local guy, wish I knew his forum name so I could give him a shout out for a smooth transaction. The spring rates on these are 12k front/7k back. They are a bit softer than the popular BC/swift upgrade combo of 12k/10k, but the ride is absolutely buttery. 

Great mod and cleaned up the hideous four finger gap that I had and reduced it to a nice one finger gap. Low profile jack still slides under with no effort and modification.

I have a track day coming up, so I will report in on their feasibility for aggressive driving when I come back, but this mod was the best as it tied everything together. 

Will add to this thread as the mods come! Thanks for reading  



Ventross lip finally arrived, did some test fitment on it today, the weaves are very nice and the finish is great. It came with no mounting hardware, but a quick trip to home depot should fix it. I literally only have 2.5 inches of clearance from the road, it's a bit close for my taste, time to raise the ride.