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Wunko's 2011 IS350 F-Sport

Compliments of Wunko @ clublexus.com


After a few months of getting nowhere with dealerships, I FINALLY got what I was looking for... a 2011 IS350 F-Sport in smoky granite mica. 

I've been saving $ for years for my first car. Back in the day, I wanted an IS300 since I wasn't a big fan of the 2IS design. At the time I was also interested in a pre-owned LS430 or GS350. I joined the CL forum a couple of years ago and this forum has been helpful. I almost didn't want to get a 2IS until I saw the 2011 F-Sport package.

I took more pictures and if I get time I'll add more later... I'll definitely take more pictures once I wash the car or make some changes to it. The next things I might do are 3M clear cover and tint. Future plans are coilovers and possibly the F-Sport exhaust.

Pictures of my baby... 

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It does not come with an F-Sport accessory parts like the exhaust, intake, lowering springs, shocks, etc. that you would buy from the parts department at the dealership or elsewhere. It would be nice if the exhaust or other F-Sport parts came with it but then I'd I wonder how much the starting MSRP would be. :^/


Yeah, mine doesn't have one and I haven't seen any at my dealerships with them on it. For the 2011, the IS does not have the Lexus badge anymore.

However, there was someone else on this forum from CA who also bought a IS350 F-Sport, but his had Lexus badge on it. He said his dealership put the Lexus badge on it anyways.


I think it looks cleaner without the badges. Some people think it looks cheap or uneven without the Lexus badge.

If my car happened to have the badge on it when I got it, I was just going to leave it. Since my car didn't come with one, it doesn't bother me either. 


Major update to my IS...

I finally got around to buying H&R Sport Springs. I just couldn't stand the wheel gap especially at the front of the car. After they arrived, I couldn't wait to get them installed!! A family friend of mine and his cousin got them put on today and it looks so much better! 

I plan to get the F-Sport Exhaust next when Lexus does its F-Sport sale. That's the last major thing I have planned. Not sure if I want to do the ground effects rear lip or any lighting changes but we'll see.

Would it be a good idea to get an alignment or camber adjustment to avoid too much tire wear?

More pictures to come when I get time to clean them up or when I can take pictures in better weather.

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I searched around for a ground effects rear bumper lip and finally ended up buying one.

My installer guy put it on with the 3M method plus some screws in hard-to-see places. I was thinking about the cut and drill method though if this does not work out. 

I like the clean hint of aggressiveness it adds. Too bad the F-Sport package does not just come with a full body kit!

I took a few photos with my cellular phone. I would've wiped down the car and used my digital camera but it started raining when I stopped to take the pictures! I'll take some better pictures in the future. Hopefully I'll have the F-Sport exhaust and other things too. 

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I felt the same way. I wasn't seriously planning on the doing the rear lip until recently when my brother suggested it and the guy who installed my lowering springs said he could do some body work too. I haven't added anything to the car the whole summer and the F-Sport exhaust didn't go on sale, so I went ahead with it!

You already got the front splitters  so the rear would be great next, if you couldn't get both the rear and sides and had to pick one. Rastaracer was saying in his other thread that once you get the sides, you start to notice it but it's hard to go off of the photos. I kind of want the sides now to "complete the set" but only if they are reasonably priced. 

I agree, the IS is too quiet! Doesn't seem like Lexus is gonna do the F-Sport sale this year, so if the F-Sport exhaust isn't on sale by the end of this year, I think I'm just gonna buy it. Tired of waiting! 

Haha. I won't say anything.  Be sure to put up some photos of your car once you get the GFX rear lip put on, man!


^ Thank you! It bothers me I haven't done any modifications since October!!  Hopefully when I'm feeling like it and maybe get some more $, I'll add more.

Yes, I'm happy with them overall. It makes the car noticeably low without being dangerously low. The front of the car only slightly higher than the rear but only if you look closely. I haven't noticed any tire wear issues yet... the car has less than 2000 miles on the odometer. I haven't gotten an alignment yet either but people recommend getting one after you make changes to the car's suspension.


It's been awhile since I've did some major modifications to my IS!  I had some stuff installed by a family friend and one of his buddies yesterday except for the last two items, which I did myself in 2012. When the weather gets better and I get my car washed, I'll be able to take some nicer photos. 

Ground Effects Side Skirts Installed

Some people suggested that I should get the GFX sides since I already have the GFX rear lip, so that's what I did! Hard to tell from the photos but you can see the difference up close in person. 

Dark Gray Smoke Vinyl-wrapped Grille

The installer knows a guy who can do vinyl wrap so we went to his place to have my IS' grille surround wrapped in a dark gray smoke color. Definitely makes the car look more aggressive! It creates a black pearl color so it matches with my license plate frames. Thinking about maybe getting the roof wrapped in black one of these days.

F-Sport Shift Knob

Saw it on Sewell's Black Friday sale. 

F-Sport License Plate Frames

I got some black pearl ones on sale. No more dealership advertising on my license plate frames! 

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Finally got around to purchasing and installing LED interior lighting. I found a plastic ruler to use as a wedge tool so I practiced opening the compartments before buying the lights.

I ordered Precison LED's 8000k Cool White kit which included the plastic wedge tools. I installed the front map, rear dome, vanity, door courtesy, and trunk lights based on their Youtube video. My friend let me borrow his tools. Unfortunately, the trunk light did not fit so I hammered down the cone-shaped ends like other people had to do.

The lights look nicer than halogen and are comfortable but not the brightest, which is OK with me. However, the trunk light was not very bright so I might buy the one from VLED as soon as I can find it on their webpage. I hope it fits too because it was scary hammering down the ends of the trunk light bulb to make it fit in the compartment. 

Once I can figure out how to access the side mirror puddle lights, I'll buy LED puddle lights from VLED. 

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VLEDs had a Halloween sale so I took the opportunity to purchase 6K LED reverse lights. They look great! Too bad I can't see them while I am inside the car.

The adhesive holding the ground effects rear lip was came off on the left side of the car. When it was first installed, there was already a slight gap. It annoyed me for the last few years as it got worse. I found a car custom shop that was able to reinstall it with stronger and more adhesive. It's a big relief not having to worry about it anymore!

I might have the shop install 6K LED puddle lights and Tanabe exhaust next.


I was able to access the puddle light housings in the side mirrors after being too lazy to try during the past couple of years. I used the method where you expose the two outermost screws behind each mirror by tilting the side mirrors with the door controls. I removed these two screws and was able to pry open the puddle light housing with a plastic pry tool.

I ordered the 6000k cool white flank 194 LED bulbs from VLEDS. The color and brightness are perfect!

Looking into having the halogen fog lights replaced with cool white LEDs next. Considering the X-Bright LEDs from IJDMTOY.


Last month, I ordered 6000k cool white H11 LED fog lights bulbs from VLEDS. A friend was going to go under the car to install them but after some research on this forum, I found out there was only a hatch under the car for the driver's side fog light housing; there was nothing for the passenger side from what it sounded like. On my spare time, I ended up removing the fender liner on both sides to gain access to the driver's side and passenger's side fog light assemblies.

The fog lights do not exactly match the LED DRLs or HIDs in the headlights but I would rather have these LED fog lights than the stock halogen fog lights.


I bought some Dupli-color Custom Wrap spray to paint the front oval, rear oval and rear IS350 emblems in Black Metallic. I used their Gloss Clear Coat to add the shine. It took a few hours to do this as I had to clean the surfaces, tape off the surrounding areas, wait for each layer of spray to dry before adding the next layer, and repeatedly fix mistakes. The rear IS350 emblem was easy, the front oval emblem was so-so, but the rear oval emblem was the hardest. I may redo the emblems when the weather is better because the coating is still not even on the emblems. Fortunately, it's removable.


I found these threads helpful on installing the fog lights for the 2011 IS (third link started by me)!

The second link has step-by-step photos of changing the fog light through the fender.
I didn't use the hatch in the first photo but you can try that if you want.
I followed the method in the second photo and afterwards for both the driver and passenger side of the car.

Hope to see the photos on your thread once you get them installed!


The Precision LED trunk light bulb was not very bright. It also was too long (31mm) so I had difficulty fitting it into the housing. I got tired of having a dim LED trunk light so a few months ago I put the stock halogen bulb back which was brighter.

Last weekend I ordered a LED trunk light bulb from iJDMtoy. They carry a short version of the DE3022 bulb that is 29mm to fit Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

It arrived today and I installed it. Much brighter than the Precision LED trunk lightbulb I had previously! Wish I ordered it years sooner.