Nat's LS460L Reincarnation Build Thread by Nat

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Nat's LS460L Reincarnation Build Thread

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I was given another opportunity to be in a magazine. This time, it's the cover of Performance Auto and Sound. A special coverage for VIP Cars in the June 2013 issue. I decided to post a few photos of the car before it get torn down and rebuilt. Wheels, kit and a few other goodies are slowly coming in. A new look is coming for 2013. Special "Thanks" to John L. from, Carlin C. from Impact Performance SF and Endless Projects.


Below is the link to the article in Performance Auto and Sound.

It's been a while since I posted any updates. Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics.

Took the trunk apart and re-arrange the tank and compressor.

Used plywood as base and panel to hide the tank and compressor. I like to have trunk space. Also, selecting color of wood to use for the base.

Trunk lid is diamond stitch in brown leather with orange stitching.

The trunk complete in diamond stitch with dark brown bamboo flooring.

A little decoration for the trunk...making it show ready.

The final result at Hot Import Night Santa Clara...more decoration for the trunk along with LED sake bottles and samuria sword. 

I'm not one that likes to tease so here is what I've been waiting for since December 2012. The first Black Pearl kit stateside. Test fitting within the next few days.