My 2JZ-GTE powered SC300 by RX7 RAGE

By diyauto
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My 2JZ-GTE powered SC300

Compliments of RX7 RAGE @


Engine specs are the following:

- JDM engine fully rebuilt and converted to US spec motor with usdm twins, 550CC injectors, and US cams

- JE Pistons .20 over with stock rods, arp rod bolts, arp main studs and arp head studs

- RMM Downpipe with custom 3" dual exhaust from the DP back

- Haltech E6X powering LS1 coils

I plan to go with a single turbo setup in the future with 600 rwhp as I want to keep it streetable. I have the 6 speed v160 sitting in my garage waiting to go in as soon as the V160 craps out.

A shot of my FD3S RX-7 currently at 355 rwhp and it 2700's fast enough.