My 97 sc300 NA-T 6 speed AEM with LQ9 coils build by jwin

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My 97 sc300 NA-T 6 speed AEM with LQ9 coils build

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I decided to make a new thread since my car has transformed so many ways and I think it will help the members if I made a specific thread just for the engine and tranny mods. My car started off as an 97 sc300 auto then it went to have 5 speed r154 with the N/A motor. Now my plan has changed to NA-T with a v160 and standalone. 

Engine :

94 supra N/A motor with 76k miles

AEM V1 standalone

Custom FFIM with Q45 TB

LQ9 coilpacks from **** Performance

BW s366 turbo

-4an oil feed (hard line) -10an return

Oil pan return welded

CX racing turbo manifold

3" inlet/out intercooler and piping

Walbro 416 fuel pump

1000cc Bosch ev14 injectors

-8an fuel feed -6an fuel return

Stock fuel rail with -8an fitting welded on

Mishimotor aluminum radiator

TT headgasket

ARP headstuds

New oil pump

New waterpump

New valvestems

Tranny :

Supra 6-speed v160

3.13 LSD rear end

Stock flywheel

OEM clutch and pressure plate

Custom one piece driveshaft

Suspension :

Bilstein Supra shocks

Hypercoil Springs 600/350

Coilover sleeves


Pulling the stock motor out

Dirty Engine Bay

Both Motors on engine stands

I mocked everything up on the motor that is going into the car then I started to tear it apart again to put it back together for the final time.




Painted Black

Freshen up parts 

Rear end back together

New shifter and tripod parts 

Removing old auto tunnel

New tunnel cut like factory tunnel

Brought some primer and body filler 

Block prepped

Head prepped

Arp headstuds and Tt hg with some copper stuff. I just put some on for extra security. I figured it couldn't hurt anything and my friend build quite a bit of motors for his drag cars that run in pro mod. He just said have a fun time taking off the head once you have use that copper spray. 

I am waiting for my lincoln welder to show up so i can weld in the 6 speed tunnel. Slowly but surely this project will get done.


Nice details!

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