Ongoing Build..and SC300FIVESPD One Day Gte swap Merged threads by Cleanshots

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Ongoing Build..and SC300FIVESPD One Day Gte swap Merged threads

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hey guys welcome to my car build thead that's always ongoing.

i have always been looking for a sc300 with a factory 5speed since i can remember. so one day on craigslist one popped up. clean title, and it said 4k obo i thought hot danm ill talk that guy down in price. so i hit him up and went to sf to look at it. i acted dumb and finally said, oh man its a manual? no one wants a manual luxury car. and the interior is bad and the body has alot of dents and dings, ill give you 3k. he said ok. so i said ok here is 700 bucks, smog it and ill pick it up. so the next day i wen tthere with the rest of the money and picked up the car. on the way home i saw alot of other sc's. i was pumped. when i bought the car it looked brown. the next day i washed it and my friend took these pics of my car. 

and after the wash was done i discovered this pretty blue color underneath the grime! yikes... the car used to be garnet pearl but at some point it was painted blue. this car is a jzz31 #076 off the assembly line. 3k3 garnet pearlt was the original color with a tan interior.

next step was to get that old tan carpet cleaned up. disgusting man that owned the car did not take care of the poor baby. smelled like butthole and alot of stains all over the place...

i hit the local bargain store, big lots. i bought 4 cans of 409 carpet cleaner and a hand held brush. 10-15 bucks total if that...

here is the 409, you gotta make a funny face when you hold the cans or else it wont work. 

what i did was to take the front seas out of the car first and vacuum the whole carpet as best as i could. then you take the cans of 409 and start covering the carpet. dont stop till its all covered. you have to let it soak for a while. then have some gloves handy with your brush as well. start brushing the carpet. keep a pattern going dont do circles. just back and forth.. 

after a while you should be getting to the end. scrub those nasty stains with the brush, i got out coffee stains, no oxi-clean here guys just some elbow grease.

once the scrubbing is done vacuum anything that's left over and you should have some sexy new looking carpet like this.

this is where the thread starts and is in a random order since this was many threads merged into one. ENJOY!! 

next time you at a junk yard:

look at the visors in Mercedes or BMW's, even Volvo, Chrysler and lets not forget Lexus. these cars also have the garage door opener in the sun visors like the 97+ sc's. i was at the junk yard today and bought the visor for 5 dollars. just showed him the visor not the home link. i will be putting it in soon, if it fits in the visor then that's where it will go. keep an eye out you guys. here is my find.

^^ yea all you have to do is give it power and ground. i alredy pluged it into a 12v source and programmed my garaged door to it. holding it next to my visor it looks line it will fit perfect.

i say basically look in every high end-ish luxury cars for the home link system. if its in the sun visor just rip the frekin visor off. lol.


OH man! I love this thing.Just finished putting it together and the results are amazing! I started a cut along the top part of the visor then slowly pull it apart and the seam will open. find where you like it mounted, there isn't alot of space so where i mounted it was just enough. Place the transmitter box on the visor foam and trace it with something. make sure it not backwards, double check it, you don't want to have to buy a new visor. then just cut and fit the transmitter inside the visor foam. Then i sewed it up with a needle and transparent plastic thread. if done right it would look almost factory. 

GOOD LUCK, any questions or comments please ask.


^ I'm very sure you were!... NOT LOLOLOL 


-You hold 2 outside buttons for 45 seconds it resets everything. 

-hold button you wanna program while holding garage door remote 2 inches away from it. 

-when it blinks faster you let go every thing.

-if you have rolling code after that you press the learning button on the garage door motor in the garage and then press the home link button you just programmed 1-3 times when garage door closes you are good to go!


So the other day i was looking at my wood... trim and i was thinking wow that makes the inside of my car look OLD. so i decided to roll to the nearest kragen and see what types of paint i could buy and paint my trim with. i am very happy with the way my trim looks now. what do you guys think?


The rest of the plans include, the upper half of my interior being dyed black OEM style. with oem black carpet. i dono if i wanna go go full black interior, time will tell. This is spraypaint guys!!!!! rattle can... i used duplicolor car paint. followed by clear coat. about 4 coats paint and 3 coats of clear after each 2 coat paint i wet sanded with 2000 grit. sand between clear coats with highest grit you can find end with untouched clear coat. OH IT TOOK ME 4 DAYS.


hey guys, i have been super busy and have not been really on here posting or making threads much. thought id wake it up by posting my 2jzgte one day swap... i had the thread on another site but haven't been on CL in a while. 

so enjoy!

June-2 2009

The swap was started at 8:30a, 8:32 to be precise that's when the first two pics were taken. By 11 basically, the old engine was out and the tranny was bolted up to the gte waiting for engine mounts. at exactly 1:03pm the engine was in with both the tranny and the engine bolted up. PS: car is on jackstands that's why its high off the ground, notice tires not touching the ground.... and yes my tires all have wires sticking out of them. its been over a year with these tires its their time to go...


thanks guys, thank you! the thing is that my parents didnt want me swapping the engine so i did it one day as soon as they left for work, i needed to have it finished before they got home. lol. that's why i wanted to and needed to do it less than one day. lots of pm's and emails about my swap! more than happy to answer you guys!

as for the engine its JDM speck, im getting oem US supra cams or 264 cams and ill go single soon.... the exhaust is straight 3" no nothing, i want to do cut weld bends later. i had bought a whole aristo front clip.. it was 3g but prices have changed.

so about 4.5 hours, started at 8:30a to 1:05p.


okay so i got some 99+ head lights and tails fro free! thanks megamarine YOU ROCK DUDE!


^^^ thanks for checking it out man!

OH WOW, my bad guys i left out the coolest part. finished these the second day of the swap, misplaced the photos but i found them!



wow okay slight bump guys. got into accident yesterday. no not with the sc "thank god" but a brand new truck i just bought last week 2010 tacoma. so i gotta deal with this BS. hand on tight. it might turn into a bonfire and not an explosion in the build progress. im still gonna try to get that big BOOM


You manual guys, (w58 or r154) consider doing your shifter bushings. get the following parts

33548-31010 this is the shifter lever bushing ~ this is from a 89 supra

33505-35020 this is the shifter seat bushing ~ this is from a 93 tacoma its green.

the shifter will have ZERO movement the tacoma bushing is thicker but just shove it in. with these bushings and it cost me 15 bucks total!

One inch or so extension, i cut the shifter and made a flat piece. then i TIGed the beast with 4130 chromoly, an i used stainless filler wire. solid feels just like normal just back farther 


Car is back together! i have alot of goodies comming up!

here is a little something something to hold you guys over. 


thanks, im making a better video that was was a quick one just thrown together to get people excited. who wants teasers?


here guys i just made this today. parts not installed yet hang on tight people.


look what came in yesterday..

thats all you guys get.. lol



next week , crazy fan is on the way, im gonna be doing some swaps so ill have more stuff soon too, like interior and paint.


oh man its really starting to pick up now.....


hey peeps, almost ready to put up some pics still waiting on a few things to be finished and some things to come in the mail. its gonna be different cant wait and summer is rolling around the corner.. Frekkin A i cant wait for the fun stuff now that my car is all running perfect and such. Put in some colder plugs and smaller gap, OH BUDDY this thing is fast.


some of you heard that my crank pulley rubber finally gave out and it broke any who, took my pulley off to replace it and DAMN IT!!! the keyway is messed up the little key is loose and i cant get the pulley on, i may need to change the crank, if i have to change the crank and i take the engine out i have something HUGE that may be happening. R it H will D rock!


who wants teasers? i know you guys do!


more parts, and cleaning and polishing lol

massive wastegate.

i didnt know how big the gate was untill i saw it in person and i was like OMG same with the turbo when i was picking it up i was like OMG its massive. its 25lbs...


Bored waiting for money.. soo....

Polish anyone? i think oil lines and manifold will be ordered this week, then show time!

painted the hot side with flameproof paint.


oh man its getting close, started prepping, upon removal of twins i discovered chips breaks in the fins on the twins, good thing im going single..


O-oh.. WOOT! 


here is the damage, PIECE OF ****T!

new parts!

just resurfaced today soo sexy.(shiny)

stage 4 extreme

im gonna do my rear main seal while im at it! Woot