Alex 62 Continental project by AlexContinental62

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Alex 62 Continental project

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Hi guys,

Today has been my baby first day running after 11 months of restoring. Engine´s been rebuilt, transmission works well, also gearbox, and power steering. Got new breaks and shock absorbers. So now it´s time for body & paint shop.

Finally I can see a light at the end of tunnel.

Sure, here you are how it was and how it looks now. Some parts will be removed to paint the engine compartment properly.

I like engine clear and clean so I removed the heating system as it´s quite hot where I live.

Also you will see that I removed the cruise control, I am not sure if I will install it after painting or not because I don´t use it very often, but like keeping

the car as original as possible.

Still need to fix some small staff after painting.

The original engine

Current look


On the way to the Body & Paint shop


Almost ready for primer!!