UPDATE ENGINE INSTALLED: Mk III Engine Overhaul big thread by 2sasilverbullet

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UPDATE ENGINE INSTALLED: Mk III Engine Overhaul big thread

Compliments of 2sasilverbullet @ thelincolnforum.net


Started the long process of a complete overhaul of my stock 460. The plan is get everything ready for the day the engine gets pulled. I'll do that in my neighbors fully featured 6 gar garage with everything a gear head could dream of! Got quite a bit done in 2 hours today in my driveway. Pulled the fan, radiator, A/C, power steering and alternator off. Will continue next Saturday with all the hoses, wires and carb. Engine pull day should be 2 hours and it's out.

Right now the plan is to bring it to a guy that's been building engines since '69. He has a complete machine shop in his building - crank/cam grinding, magna flux, you name it, he has it. He does all the work himself and comes highly recommended. I've talked to him and he's going completely stock with good forged pistons and probably a cam that's not totally stock. Engine will be completely stock when finished.

Oh how I wish I could take a month off work and be there with him rebuilding my engine every step of the way! I did 5 V-8's back in the early 70's in auto mechanics in high school. I love doing the exacting work of engine rebuilding.

Here's the first installment of MANY pics! Enjoy!

Yes, I know the bottom radiator hose wasn't on right - will make sure it goes back on correctly!