Replacing Steering Coupling - 70 MK III by 2sasilverbullet

Vehicle: 70 MK III
By diyauto
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Replacing Steering Coupling - 70 MK III

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Note to self - don't do this again! PAY someone to do this for me!

What I thought would be about an hour job turned into a 4 hour ordeal for a friend and I! So this is the only thing I accomplished Saturday. I was going to bolt the new brake booster and master cylinder up - that will have to wait for all my muscles to heal.

Getting the old coupling out wasn't too hard.

Here's a pic of the old and new one:

The fun(not) part was grinding off the old rivets.

Another view:

Getting the new coupling in place was a nightmare! I had to end up completely removing the pitman arm (no easy task, puller required)

Then I had to get the coupling on the steering box - with a hammer.

Once on, I had to push the whole steering box/coupler assembly up onto the steering shaft and bolt the box in.

Once bolted in, I had to pry the coupler up all the way to get the bolt in that holds it to the steering box.

The bolt that came with the coupler stripped - I ended up using one of the old bolts.

Here's the old coupling:

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Here's the new coupling installed:

Here's a pic of the leftover: