Shift boot for 1969 Lotus Elan S4 SE Drophead Coupe

Time/Difficulty: Less than 30 minutes
Tools Needed:
  • Small Philips head screwdriver
  • Small leather punch (or small screwdriver)
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Shift boot for 1969 Lotus Elan S4 SE Drophead Coupe

The shift boots available for the original Lotus Elan are made of rubber and do not fit properly over the bottom of the “non-sizzle” shift lever used on later Elans. As a result the rubber boot constantly pops out and rides up the lever. Besides being unsightly, it then allows fumes and noise into the passenger compartment.


A custom leather boot was designed with Redline that was patterned on the “envelope” of the rubber boot so that it would fit the space exactly. The new design includes a substantial lower flap that keeps the new boot securely fixed.


A much nicer looking leather boot that seals out noise and fumes was made by Redline. It provides a finished, utilitarian but at the same time luxury look and is very easy to install.



Intro Figure 1. Original

Step-by-step installation:

1. Remove the plastic console
a. This simply rests on the transmission tunnel and can be lifted up. b. Tips:

  1. Remove the cigar lighter to give more room

  2. Pull the console slightly to the rear and lift up from the back

  3. The entire console can then be lifted upwards and off

  1. Remove the gear shift knob

    1. A 3/8” nut under the knob is loosened

    2. Then unscrew the knob

  2. Remove the rubber boot

    1. If this is still affixed to the metal plate, first unscrew the plate

    2. Then slide off the top of the gear shift lever



  1. Unscrew the metal retaining plate using a small Philips screwdriver on the four screws (if not already done)

  2. Insert the flap of the new leather boot into the metal plate. As seen from the bottom and top.

Step 5a. Insert boot into metal plate Step 5b. View from underside

  1. Feed the boot and plate over the gearshift lever.

  2. Orient the seams on the boot as preferred, then using a small leather punch (or screwdriver) punch holes in the leather flap at each screw hole. This will fix the boot in place without glue.




  1. Screw the plate back into place, securing the boot. Note that the boot flap may overlap at the top of the plate where it abuts the dash. This is fine as it will further secure the boot from moving,

  2. Pull the boot up to make it a smaller diameter. Then slip the console over the lever and boot.



10. Pull the boot through the console hole, spreading it out evenly.

11. Push the console fully back into place
12. Reattach the gearshift knob and you are finished. Congratulations☺