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4th times a charm

Compliments of ihavetwins @ www.rx7club.com


Well i blew my motor again  this time i didnt have a little break i blew every apex seal. i detonated so hard that it put a huge dent on one the face of my rotor i even blew my 35r. check out the carnage

you can see the seals were cracked on all the corners also if u look at the corners of both rotors u can see the scratches which means i have to get new rotors maybe. 

blown GT35R check out the fins on the hot side pretty neat. 

on a plus note im going open waste gate and i decided to go a different route and not use my power FC i bought a microtech lt10 engine management and maybe a few more goodies.

Updates !!!!

Since my last post on 11-05-07, basically nothing has happened, so, for the last 2months its been like Christmas to me   i picked up a bunch of new toys I'm tossing on the car so i wanted to share

STRI 60mm black back with amber light 

Stance Coil Overs 

99spec lip for the time being

OEM Seals 

BDC housings i picked up from a bud of mine. 

Master power T70

Banzai Racing diff brace.

I had a microtech LT10s that i never used but got rid of it for 3rd Power FC 

also got a sweet oil cap.

I'm also waiting for Enkie NT03+m and a nardi steering wheel. The wheel sizes are 18x9.5 +27 18x10.5 +30. I will be powered coating these wheels some crazy color. i have a few ideas floating around but i think i know what im going to do 

the nardi.


gutted the interior, i still have a bunch to do and clean. 

had the manifold coated ! 

jus a random shot with the old wheels on

new wheels came in !!! im going over to CM werks in Burr Ridge to get them powder coated a super secret color !! im gonna be running a crazy small tires 235 up front and 255 in the rear for the mAd Tyte gangsta stretch 

got my rotors from 1revvin7 from turblown. looks as if they are G2G !

got the coilovers on now all i need to do is slammm it. 

thats all for now.

One last one, i bought 2 steering wheels one for the track and one for cruising or whenever i feel like switching it up, im still waiting on the other NARDI to come in.. anyway i picked this up from a buddy