Building a USDM Spirit R Replica by Supernaut

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Building a USDM Spirit R Replica

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I've been planning to write this thread for a while but it's been taking forever finishing this project. I figured this should be as good a time as any. 

When I first saw a Spirit R Rx7, I wanted one more than anything I have ever wanted in my life. When I finally did the research and found out that I would have an easier time importing a fighter jet, I knew I was in for some trouble. This started me on a 3+ year long journey (on going) filled with terrible decisions. If I have only one recommendation for someone trying to do a replica, that would be to find out what the project entails and draw a line in the beginning and stick with it. Chasing after the latest part you just found out about and building an FD right at the same time is a tough proposition. The only good thing about doing a replica is that there is a definite end. 

Here's a list to help people out with their own Spirit R replicas. I don't have all these pieces but I'm pretty close! I'm sure I'm missing stuff in the list so feel free to add to it. I'll list JDM items only and I'll try to be as general as possible when applicable for the sake of brevity... 

-99 spec front

-99 spec ducts

-99 spec spoiler

-99 spec front and rear emblems

-99 spec coin holders

-99 spec AC controls and dials (not installed)

-99 spec exhaust

-JDM foot rest (These came in the 2000+ RZ and Spirit R, not sure where else)

-JDM fenders with side markers

-JDM tranny tunnel cover

-Efini tail lights

-Spirit R badge

-Spirit R paint

-Spirit R wheels

-Spirit R engine bay tag

-Spirit R gauge cluster

-Spirit R grey interior panels

-Spirit R shifter + boot

-Spirit R ebrake handle + boot

-Spirit R ABS

-Spirit R carpet

-Spirit R recaro seats + tilt rails

-Spirit R Tow hooks?

-Spirit R grey block off for adjusting light levels for cluster

-Spirit R suspension

-Spirit R brakes

-Knee pad?

-Newer spec bracing for the rear

I couldn't have done this alone and have so many people to thank. I guess we should start at the beginning.

Thank you Charlie for selling me my FD. Reading the forums is definitely not the same as owning an FD and I remember asking you and Dan some terrible questions. Thanks for selling me the Spirit R wheels Dan. Thanks for the help guys! 

Thank you Ihor (IRP) for the awesome work. Thank you both for being an honest and awesome mechanic. Thank you Rich for being my rx7 sherpa and taking the extra time and effort to make my FD extra special with great advice on parts and thank you both for being awesome friends. 

(Ihor pre lift)

Thank you Noel and NOC Automotive for the awesome job refurbishing the chassis.

Thank you for proving to the world that if you throw enough money at a shop, they will pose any way you want for a picture haaaa!

Ahhh close enough.

Thank you Bryan, Jason, Ray and Rizwan for helping me source parts for my dream car. Thank you guys for answering all those dumb questions and for being awesome dudes.

Thank you Gene for being an awesome friend and helping me so much when I was unemployed and crippled. 

Thanks for taking this awesome picture of me and not helping me out of my engine bay. 

Thank you rx7 community for helping me finally build my replica dream car. I don't know how else to really express my gratitude to you guys other then this thread. You guys have been the best part of owning an rx7 and I doubt I'd be able to do anything similar at any other community. I've met some great friends here and have so many people to thank but I'll just quit while I'm ahead. 

I'll try to post pics of some Spirit R goodies if enough people ask. 

Now on to the next FD!

I don't have any nice interior pics. Right now my interior is a mess of wires for my GPS, V1 and whatever charging accessories I have. I've been trying to get someone with a nice camera to take some pics of the interior but it never happens so I'm always left to my own devices. Right now, my car is packed with stuff I'm trying to ship out 

I'll try to bug Polak Graphics, Sinned or Theorie until I get someone to take some pictures. I swear my interior looks better than in the pics. UGH.

Awww come on man. You shoulda left with me. I'd drive in the rain in my second FD no problem. Not in the Spirit of the GREAT LEADER!


Awesome Car andy...

Id say your pretty much there