My 3rdgen, built and lots O pics and videos :D by buffrx7

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My 3rdgen, built and lots O pics and videos :D

Compliments of buffrx7 @


so bought the car cheap and wanted something original so i went the good ol 3d gen route and here we go

comming off the truck from the purchase of the car to mechanic

about to be rolled in 

blow motor 

interior shot with the new nardi wheel and air bag like the jdm one 

picked up a gato performance manifold on the cheapy cheap

hanging out waiting for parts

nib borg warner s360...and yes thats my hairy yeti legs lol

picked up a used apexi n1 exhaust

had to do the front mount looks nasty up front 

engine built and put back in large street port and pinned motor with 

black super seals

motor work done

side shot


engine bay done

now time to dyno waiting to get on 

another shot noticed i changed the head lights i found a guy online selling them

with the same color car so i swapped the stockie back on 

new headlights

a little touch up paint from autozone till i get a paint job

my tuner kilo racing about to getting ready for the tune

now 3 videos of the tune itself

when its all said and done it put down 440 to the wheels but i could only find the paper 

that did the 435 run oh well 

ok so the car was riding like **** so i went ahead and got some bc racing damper kit


and i got myself some used wheels cheap 

so after suspension and wheels were installed these are the pics i came back to 

when i was told the car was ready

front lip painted and some new pics 

ok so now after having the power ive had and its not feeling very fast anymore

i went with a bigger turbo and more goodies....i want to be around 500hp sooo will after new dyno


and now for the goodies


couple pics before the tune


Lots of nice details!

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