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Resurrecting a 144k FD

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I sold my last fd in 2010 just a few months before my daughter was born. While I sold the car in 2010 I really lost interest in my fd in 2007. After five or six years of constantly tinkering with car, mods, paint, polishing, a single turbo conversion and tons of cash later I was not all that thrilled with the car in general. Really die to several reasons, mostly of my own doing such as removing A/C etc. I pretty well burnt myself out on RX7's.

Now Fast forward to two months ago. I'm working a claim in a small community in Arlington VA, Just of Glebe rd near Rt50 for those in the area. Low and behold I see a red fd that had been obviously parked for a long time and it had expired tags. I looked at the car out of habit but really didn't may to much attention to it. I ended up going back to the same community a week later but this time, I couldn't help but to leave a note testing the waters. I got an email from the owner the following day. He said that he was interested in selling the car and would like $5,000 for it! I asked a few questions and then agreed to meet. A few days later I met the guy who was a Surgeon in NOVA who was in his mid 60's. He told me the story of him buying the car in Fairfax in 1992 and wrote a check for the full amount the day he drove it home. So with the cool story also came some cool miles. 

The car has 144,+++ miles on the odometer. I'm told the engine was replaced several months ago from a coolant seal failure. He also claimed to have had the radiator, AST, Hoses and even the turbos replaced. He then tells me that the car hadn't been started in months. We jump the battery which is dead and I turn the key, CHCHCHVRooommm.. She fires right up I went ahead and checked on the electronics, the wipers, lights etc and everything worked fine. The only obvious downside was the visible wear on the car. Some kids broken off both door mirrors, The drivers leather is worn through and there are some small dents on the rear fenders, faded crappy VR paint job etc...

So now knowing that I am dealing with the original owner , who has free & cleared owned the car since 1992. I'm thinking i have a major score on my hands. I counter offered him with $3000, We ended up at $3,500 for a totally stock, 1440 mile FD that I was going to drive home to Maryland. This deal is unheard of!

So here is the car the first day I saw it.

144K miles and still bone stock under the hood...

Rear side profile,

I was lucky, i already had a pair of VR replacement mirrors from a part out i did way back when. I bolted them onto the doors and headed home with my new fd. So right off the bat the pillow ***** were obviously shot. The rear end was beating itself to death on the ride home. Believe it or not the car didn't even have a boost gauge. Regardless the sequential twins seemed to be boosting pretty normal. I drove safe most of the way home but i started to light her up when I got home and i knew a tow bill wouldn't be to bad. Surprisingly the car drove fine aside from the bushings. 

So first thing on the agenda was to just clean her up and see what it would look like after a few hours of love. The P.O. really kept the inside dirty, you can tell he was a Doctor who lived out of the car. He was also a smoker so the car need a good cleaning. 

Wife & Daughter checking out the new fd..

Pic of me and my daughter washing it. 

Getting to the inside, and stripping it out. 

My son chilling in front yard. 

Starting to get to the meat of it. 

Okay so she cleaned up pretty good. 


But I realized that the paint is only going to clean up so much. The hood at this point was pretty well faded and needed to be buffed. Luckily for me, i have a buffer. 

So fast forward another two hours and I have buffed the car out as best I could. 

Now time to get her in the garage and get started.

So the goal for the car is pretty simple and straight forward. I plan to resurrect this car to a respectable street car. I will be doing all the reliability mods, a few power mods for twins, and improve the suspension/ bushings

But I like to start with the basics for a nice car which is paint. So the car was put on jack stands and i started to tear it down. I started in the engine bay and worked my way around and under. I've ghot it just about stripped all the way down now. 

A few pics along the way.... 

So now that I had the car stripped off it was time to start getting to the body work.

Molding the brake ducts into the fenders. 

Glue these down with epoxy, 

Then body fill, 


Thanks to all for the kind words. You really do need to keep your families involved in your hobbies otherwise it can drive you apart. 

So about the car again. I had not originally planned on painting the car but in all honesty I just have no desire to own a red car. It's not my color, never has been and so the decision to paint the car was pretty easy to make. I know that I wanted blue but I wanted something different than the 99 factory Innocent Blue mica, which was on my last car. Now my wife thinks that using blue at all is silly considering I just sold a clean blue rx7. I'm a creature of habit so blue it is. I spent several days pouring over paint chips form House of Kolor. I really wanted to go with Cobalt Kandy blue but I've never sprayed a Kandy and they Kandy paint is not something to play with unless you're a professional body man, which I am not. So I decided to go with Lake violet Pearl as seen here...

So I made a list of all the supplies I will need, and placed my order through Amazon. About 10 days later the supplies started arriving. After I got a look at the paint I felt that it had more purple in it than I really wanted. Here is the House of Kolor Lake Violet pearl in the can.

Under light, 

Now after ordering $900 worth of painting supplies, I then decided that I did not like the color and wanted another House of Kolor paint, Majik Blue Pearl as seen here... 

At this point i called in and spoke to a rep at TCP Global, the supplier who I was getting the paint from and he sold me on a few more products. So another $850 later I get the remaining products to get rolling on the primer, paint etc... I have extra supplies that I will likely return when I am done to recoup some of my expenses. 

Here is the Majik blue pearl in the can. This paint is a lighter shade and does not have the added Purple. I have considered mixing two quarts of the Lake Violet into four quarts of the Majik pearl and renaming it the custom color " Majik Haze" Hey I'm a Hendrix fan...

Another topic, 

Front bumper

As you can see from years of using a front plate on the car, the front had become deformed. I never had a front plate on any of my three previous FD's so I never before encountered this problem. 

So I heated it up with a heat gun and rubbed it out as best I could and then started to do some fill work. 

It came out okay...

Then I got it in my head that I wanted to eliminate the side markers. This was a purely esthetic choice and really probably not legal, but since I have a car that is getting Historic tags, I won't have to worry about passing a safety inspection in Maryland. 

Here is the process of the removal of the side markers. 

Making a paper template, 

Transferring to 18 gauge aluminum

Cutting out on the bandsaw

Epoxy the blanks into place, 

Now to fill the void with Alumilite plastic 

Filled in, 

Starting to skim fill with "Rage" 

And the final result prior to primer,

And for those interested in how to do this, a 4 min vid. can be found on this link. 

I tried to embed the video but apparently I don't know how.


Tell me about it, This kid has been in rx7's since the day I met him. I was on my second Fd in 1999 when I met his mother. We were married the week before Rotorfest 2003. I even cut my honeymoon short one day to get back in time to drive up to Rotorfest. My wife & I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary earlier this month. 


Maryland BBQ 2004? 

Scrubs car in the background. 

Ernie T's car

Engine rebuild down time 2004

This wise *** now thinks he is getting this car....


So after the car was prepped, the worst of the dents filled and sanded down through 240/400 grit it's ready to be primed. I put on 4 good coats here...

The fenders look good so far. They do need some more acrylic fill and block sanding before i get ready to seal them. 


Well for better of for worse I have been absolutely swamped with work these past three weeks. This has prevented me from making any real progress with the car. I marked today (Sunday) off to get time in on the car. I have worked the past three Saturday's and Sunday's combined so this we necessary. 

So the most notable thing for this post is the brand new PFSupercars bumper. I called Ray and he had a new bumper made just for me.... I feel special Raymond. I ixnayd on the stock bumper and was happy to get the new jonta! 

Here Is what is left of the old one after I snaked all of the mounting hardware off of it...

New one some more...


News flash, 

Running a 3/16" drill bit straight through your finger is no fun!

Here is the entrance wound.

This was the exit wound..

A word to the wise. Don't drill holes in your fingers. It sucks. I'ma professional too, you think I would be able to watch out for this ****!

Okay I am lucky enough that my father who used to own a body shop will still come and help me on occasion. This is my pop helping me sand out the primer. 

A closer look at working in the new bumper. 

Fitting a greddy 2 row front mount IC....

Lining up a legit set of Feed side skirts...


I spent time today moving this project along. I will post more photos this week.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-2828488104.jpg

In sealer, waiting for base color.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-3689205957.jpg

More photos of the base color.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-2303300376.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-910207016.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-1059041073.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-3614590909.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-2934970663.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-4055364953.jpg


Well I have decided to add a few coats of Cobalt Kandy Blue over top of the Majik blue pearl. I ordered two quarts of Kandy base coat today. I was going to go ahead and shoot the clear coat this Sunday but now i will hold off another week. 

So a few things I wanted to bring up. First, as with any old fd the head light covers rear mounting tabs are broken off. So I figured I would go ahead and try the ones I see on eBay. The shipping took a month because the parts came from China. I was not surprised at what I got to be honest. They look okay fron the top although there are spider cracks in the surface. However the sides are pretty rough and would need alot of work. The mounting tabs are also questionable. I have my doubts that they will actually line up properly so I have opted to paint the originals and just add my own mounting tabs. 

Anyone have any idea what a new set costs from Malloy? 

Stock Vs. Ebay..

Here with a few coats of House of Kolor Majik Blue pearl Shimrin base coat. 

I've already shared most of these photos. The color is really interesting so far. i can't wait to show it off. It pitches from blue to purple. Like I posted I'm going to shoot some Kandy Cobalt blue over this base layer before I clear it to add some extra depth to the paint. 

My shitty iPhone cannot capture the color as it looks in person. It's something to see in person. 

And the last one for tonight. The molded in fender vents

What do you guys think? Looks pretty good to me so far.


Starting shooting some of the parts in clear this morning. I have work obligations so I can't fool with it any more this morning but i plan to spray some more clear tomorrow.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-881507465.jpg

Bumper came out good. I had a few runs on the fender that ill have to sand out. Nothing I can't fix.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-1254818486.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-1646669894.jpg

This paint looks great if i do say so myself. Iridescence in sunlight...

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-3968877834.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-1888422311.jpg


I'm working with the wrong reducer for the temps so I'm getting some runs. I've just ordered the correct reducer to get it to flash faster. I can get the runs out no problem. Just makes more work. The work around the vent looks good otherwise. No shrink in around the molded vent seam.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-608575862.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-2774780181.jpg

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-3457424620.jpg

Ill be in a holding pattern at this point waiting on RU310 reducer to arrive via brown Santa.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-1570262939.jpg

Still have the doors, hatch and the unibody to clear and then it's onto sanding and buffing.

Macintosh HD:Users:nickbalistreri:Desktop:image-2814600842.jpg


I'm not ready to reassemble. I'm getting slightly closer though. All of the paint work is done. I started to wet sand out the clear coat earlier today before the football game came on. I hope to be able to start buffing next weekend. I also went ahead and placed my order on the new pillow ball set and a complete set of Super Pro suspension bushings. I will be working on that directly after the paint is buffed out. I'd like to get the car back on wheels so I can move it around. The interior will probably get stripped out right after the suspension gets re-assembled. 

Anyway here is some photos that I wanted to post, Enjoy. I have a 27" iMac, sorry of these are to large for your puny little screens...

A couple more..

Sup little buddy!


Sup guys, 

I've been slacking on working on the car. I bow hunt and the rut is kicking in so I've been spending my free time chasing bambi through the forests of Southern Maryland. 

Last night I spent a few hours compounding the paint and it looks pretty good. It will have to be buffed with glaze after the I'm done compounding the sanding marks out. 

I snapped a few photos when I wrapped it up at midnight. I don't know when I will get back to wrapping this up, hopefully soon. i accidentally splashed lacquer thinner on one of the fenders so I ended up buying a new fender and have to start one of them all over again, which really blows. 

The color washed out in the last two photos of the fender vents but you can see that there is no visible line where the piece was filled in..

Anyway have a great week all.


No updates, I've not been able to devote any time to the car. I have way to many things going on through the fall with the hunting season and then the holidays. Hopefully work will slow down enough going into late winter and into spring to get time to start putting the car back together. 

I've been stock piling parts and will be buying a set of wheels probably in March. Most likely CCW classics. 

The color of the paint is pretty well discussed on previous pages. It's House of Kolor paint. "Majik blue pearl


Well I don't know about any of you guys but I am done with winter. I have been snowed in all day and I'm bored to tears, Not sure why I have plenty of things I should be doing but I digress, I thought I'd post.

I haven't made any significant progress on the car but have the ball rolling in the right direction. Until the weather warms up I am not going to finish wet sanding and buffing out the paint. Not to mention I have to re-do the drivers side fender. That being the case i changed gears and turned my attention to the suspension. I've removed all of the pieces and started pressing out the pillow ***** and bushings. i ordered a super pro kit from J-Auto a few months ago. Juan was a nice guy and I would recommend him if anyone is looking, His price on OEM pillow ***** was actually less than what Ray Crowe at Malloy Mazda could offer them at if you can believe that. 

The biggest problem that I encountered with pressing out the bushings is articulating the parts in my press. I actually broke one piece of bar I was using and caught my finger pretty good doing so. 

This was yesterday. I have not pressed the new bushings into place yet. I ordered some zero fittings off of Amazon and was going to drill the control arms for the zero fittings to avoid any possible future squeaks that might arise, although I have searched and did not find anyone complaining of that. 

Here are a few pics to stare at.

Completely off topic but again, I'M SNOWED IN WITH NOWHERE TO GO.... REDRUM...REDRUM..

So I picked up this RE street diffuser and some Feed side skirts off of Fritz this past summer. Should make the car look diabolical. 

No fake **** here.... 

And I pulled out the A/C equipment along with the sway bar and the steering rack

I just ordered some boots and tie rod end from Mazda Trix a few minutes ago to freshen up the rack. 

I also went ahead and ordered a new Racing beat front sway bar. That should just about wrap up the front suspension. I have no plans to do a new sway on the rear, I want that nice and soft. I will however order some softer rear diff bushing mounts. I think the Super pros may transmit to much vibration. I was considering the Pettit offering, Anyone have any thoughts? 

As far as the A/C is concerned. I have to do some more homework, started reading up on it last night before the eyes got heavy and I Zonked out. I want to have as cold A/C as possible, what ever it takes is my motto there. 

Anyway random photo of the stripped out engine bay.

This picture just makes for an interesting comparison. 

My spare jeep tire (36" iRok) next to the pulled motor. 


Brown Santa paid me a visit this morning. I snagged these new handles out of the for sale section here on the forum for half the price that Malloy wants. 

I got this set of gauges off of Rich (GoodfellaFD3S) A month or so ago. He had them up for sale in the classifieds. I saw several bumps and an opportunity to offer less than asking and he bit. 

This buy was probably a little indulgent on my end and I really should have put the money into parts to get the car on the road but **** it, YOLO. I went ahead and ordered the new lens/chrome plated bezels for it today from Malloy while ordering some other odds and ends. 

Here is the set of Tokicos with RSR springs that I plan on using. This is a street car, In my opinion coilovers would be "poseur over kill" for me. This is just about perfect for the street. I bought this set used off a local so the powder coating on the front shock tubes is kind of gnarled up a bit. I might repaint these, not sure how I **** I want to get over shock tubes. When it's all said and done I will probably end up painting them anyway. Again, I'm not assembling a track beater here, so style points count to an extent. 

I plan on having the suspension re-installed within two weeks at the latest and then I will move on to the brakes, replacing wheel bearings etc.


Well I got all of the bushings installed this weekend. I drilled and tapped out the bushings for zerk fittings as well. There was some slight confusion on the front lower arm bushings. I called in to J-Auto to speak to Juan. The part diagram shows the part to be P/N SPF2822K and the bag was labeled as such but inside the bushings are stamped 2823. The bushings on the lower front arm are two sizes. 

Anyway long story short, Juan says that all companies made them incorrectly short and this is normal and won't be an issue. 

Here are the photos I snapped yesterday, Enjoy.

I'm waiting on parts from Malloy and Racing Beat. Next weekend will be the steering rack, sway bar and the wheel bearings.

Reminiscing over my old one... 

Don't know if i have the patience to re-polish all of the manifolds again, ugh.


This Friday I was down in Woodbridge so I stopped into Malloy and picked up the new wheel bearings for the front & rear. The fronts actually come as a spindle with the bearing pre-installed. These pressed out much easier than the bushings did. The rear requires that you press the spindle out first before you can get the bearing out. Still pretty simple either way. I cleaned all the parts really well and went after them with a wire wheel. Then I painted everything with high temp caliper paint out of a spray can. Everything turned out pretty well, Only need to reassemble the parts at this point. 

Going to get some new rotors, lines and pads to wrap up the brakes though before I slap it all back together. 

New bearings

Rears off the car

The basic set up for rears


Wire wheeled off the barnacles growing on the aluminum

Then painted...

The fronts cleaned up just as well. 

Degreased & touched up with fresh coat on the subframe

Then jumped on the calipers, got one knocked out. Finish this off later...

Wrapped the day up with a trip from the Fed Ex man. 

I read that Sake Bomb Garage is going through finding a new lease to operate out of so I jumped on it and ordered some premiums, and a door handle since they might be out of commission for a while. 

My initial impression of SBG is a good one, customer service was very good. Heath is very personable and the parts look really striking. Nice quality manufacturing from outward appearances. Obviously I won't know how nice these lights are anytime this month. 


I am chipping away at this slowly. I pulled everything out the night before last and started to put the rear end back in. I have to dig through the zip lock bags in the bins to find the bolts. I wiped the dust off the car and that was about it. 

I am ordering a stop tech basic brake kit today, with rotors, lines and pads. I also bought a PFS SMIC with intake and a set of 99 spec twins out of the classifieds this past week. 

So this weekend I will be remounting all of the suspension parts and then re-working the steering rack. I bought new tie rod ends and new boots for it.

A few pics for Thursday morning. 


I rebuilt the rack today,. Replaced the boots, mounts, bushings, and tie rods. Re-greased everything else.





Cleaned up and put the headlight assembly back on also. Thought about mounting up the sakebomb lights but think might be best to hold off until I have the bumper back on for good.

Checked to see if the factory fog lamps would got with PFS bumper. Looks like there shouldn't be any problems there.





Keeping the engine. I did not compression test it but it was a fresh rebuild when I bought it according to the original owner. It seemed to pull fine when I drove it so I have no reason to tear into the engine. I'm still undecided as to doing full non-seqential again or sticking with the rats nest. I will in either event strip it down to the block and go through all the little odds and ends. Replace the fuel pulsation dampener, check valves, vacuum lines etc.. Get it looking nice and all before dropping it back in.

Pic of the rack back in the car along with the new Racing Beat sway bar.

Slick looking black zinc coated rotors with the freshly painted calipers


Back on the car... 






 Drivers side starting to come together. I'll finish up the new fender here soon too since it's starting to finally warm up 

Bought some new glass for the gauges..

And picked up some 99 spec N3G1's..


So this past week I started in on the interior. The plan in short, replace the 93 plastics with 94 plastics. Re-upholster the res, clean the carpet and get rid of evidence of Vintage Red paint. Since this is a street car I'm going to dynomat this joker too for the bitching iPad mini & sound system I'm going to install to eventually. 

So here she is with the seats out. 

Finally found something to use an iPhone panoramic picture for.

I did pretty good getting all of this **** off the car. I was a little hasty and cracked my drivers side A pillar and totally destroyed the hood taking it out. I didn't feel too bad though since I could tell it was already removed before and had some damage with the tabs. No a big deal though since I am going to get some different plastic anyhow, With a little help from my friends..

I pulled the carpet out last. I found two quarters so it wasn't all work.

It was pretty nasty when I got it out. This is even after I spent all that time cleaning it the day I drove it home. Amazing how dirty carpet can get parked in the garage. 

Hauled it to the local $5 wash and pinned it to the outside matt hangers and went to town with some high pressure wash and high pressure rinse. Someone died in the rear passenger seat area. I must have cleaned a quart of some dark red crap from that corner of the carper

Next was to reseal the inside with some low sheen black. I kept this modestly pedestrian, I painted around the parts as best I could without removed any extra **** that was in the way. No need to get stupid on this restore.... 

Then started rolling in dynomat and insulted the tunnel with some DEI. 

Not sure I'll appreciate this as much in the winter. But most definitely will around Memorial day weekend. I'm not sure how well this will work. Right off the bat, I still hope to get the USDM tranny panel from Goodfella. This JDM one has the arm rest spot on the wrong side. I'm not sure the front of the tunnel will match up, so I'll be the guinea pig on this. Only cost me a couple hundred bucks anyway.

Tomorrow, I'm dropping these worn dogs off with Austin here in Maryland to re-upholster then with in Suede. The headliner, seats, A pillars and this Stubby JDM Tunnel cover I just scored are all being done in some Ala-someshit high end suede. Should be sweet! 

JDM piece I scored a few days ago..


The seats are going to look badass too, Austin has a diamond stitched pattern for the inserts that he did on his car and it looks awesome in person.

Here is a set he did for another local guy who has a CW fd. These ones are done in red vinyl.
I'm going with black alcantara suede.


This past weekend I wrapped up the black painting of the cabin and dynamat. So I put the carpet back in. Then I took the dash apart to clean & painting the rebar and wipe down/ blow off the dust from the harness. I also washed out the plastic vents to hose out the dust from 1993. I also went ahead and pre-wired for the dual gauge cluster in the dash speaker location. I wired up two signal wires and a daisy chained lead and ground wire to each side. 


An interesting footnote that was not documented with photos. 

I had a broken vent on the pass side of the dash. One of the fins was broken. I did have one left over 94 dash vent pass side from my border stash. I went to install and found out that the 93 vent is a different size and shape of the 94+ vent. So I was forced to disassemble the two and steal a good fin piece off the 94 vent to use on the 93 vent housing. 

I had a few beers that day and didn't pay attention to snapping photos. Would have been a good post...

Beyond the issue with the mismatched vents. The dash bolted back in fine and is off my list. I did go ahead and pre-wire for two gauges to get mounted on the dash. One will be water temp, the second most likely will be wide band. 

A pic or two... 

A look back at a few photos of the dash parts under the knife. 

Pulled the dash skin off. Lot's of rust for a car that is mostly aluminum. 

Cleaned this joker up and put it back together. 

So the next awesome foot note. I was able to score some 94 plastics from Rich, Goodfella for a good deal. This was after the little debacle I had with the guy parting out the 20k car in the classified. 

Parts all look better than Rich lead on too. He made it sound as though these parts were "acceptable" Meanwhile not one is scratched. Thanks dude!


Rich seems to have a heavy unseen hand in this build so far. I also bought this 30th Anniversary gauge cluster from him as well. Here is the pic that Rich posted in the for sale ad. It's obviously green so I had to modify the A/C panel to light up green as well. 

So I found a dude selling a JDM A/C panel in the classifieds. I was mislead into believing I was getting a JDM panel, instead I just got two indicator lights and the three *****. The problem is that the fan speed indicator lights 

As you can see the 99 Spec JDM Fan speed **** indicators are not in the same layout. The plastic bezel is too large for the '93-'98 panel and had to be cut to fit. The black illuminated face has to be cut and fit to the correct spot on a 93 panel as well. Tedious but simple work.

So you have to actually cut these little bastards apart to space them correctly on a 93 style plate. 

Then you re-glue them into the correct spot and all is right with the world again. 

Mounts up okay though.

"She will be green with envy"


Spoiler... because an alcantara headliner is just too sexy not to post pictures of!!!!!!



Pic of the foot print my wife made on the quarter panel.


I've made some progress but I'm holding off on any more posts until the interior comes back from the upholster. It's been pushed back a couple more weeks. So will likely be around June 1st before I get the interior back together. I'll update everything else that I've gotten done since then. In the meantime I've been just hanging out watching the classifieds for random goodies. 

Thanks for reading along.


Well I said that I was going to hold off on posting anything until I got the seat back from Austin but here I am. I did pick up a few parts from him on Thursday but it's still another week or so on the seats I am told. 

The rear trunk carpet is new, custom and very nice. 

In addition to the carpet, I jumped in on the group buy and picked up new floor mats. These are also pretty nice. 


The headliner and the A pillar covers were also ready. Suede though is super nice to touch. They are hard to photo though since it's all over head. 

I also picked up a NRG Gen3 quick disconnect for the steering wheel. I am not sure that I will be keeping this Mazdaspeed wheel. I have been eyeballing a suede 330mm Personal Grinta wheel..

Anyway installing the Quick disconnect is pretty simple. You have to remove the clock spring assembly for the cruise control and then the adaptor slips onto the shaft. Haven't figured out the horn wiring yet though. Need to ID the horn power wire in the stock loom and tap into it. The disconnect module itself is very nice. It locks in very solid and doesn't have any play and the engagement and release both work pretty smooth. 

Hub release installed on the wheel..

The locking hub on the steering shaft.

Wheel locked on...

My wife & I working things out...

i should have some wheels and tires in about two weeks. Parts are on the way. Next on my list is the stereo. I have already bought my speakers. Need to order the iPad install kit still. Hopefully I'll have the interior just about wrapped up within a month. Once that is done nothing left but the engine bay...

Happy monday everyone.



Brown Santa stopped off at my place today. Could not help but to bolts these rims up to get a look. I ended up ordering a set of Michelin Pilot super sports, 255/35/18 & 245/35/18. Going to be real snug with my offsets +20r and +23 front. Wheels are coming from Tire Rack this week. Hope to have these mounted and balanced by Monday. 

Austin, I hope you guys will have the seats by Friday...  





Grabbed a clutch off IRP this week also, getting ready for the next stuff which is oil coolers and the engine. 

Hope to share photos of the completed interior this weekend. Kind of just waiting on the seats.


Update on the upholstery, 

I picked the seats up yesterday, As I know Austin you will read this let me say that everything you have done, the headliner, A pillar covers, trans tunnel cover, rear hatch carpet, Shift & E-Brake boots all look absolutely perfect. I was impressed with your personal customer service and communication. All were excellent! 

The seats however look liked the sewing was rushed a bit and the materials on the back center and seat center could have came out better. It looks to me as though the materials were not kept taught when they were going through the sewing machine leading to wrinkles in the suede. That being said I obviously not an upholster so I don't know how the materials are to work with etc. Austin did not sew these his boss did. He was taking forever and a day to get these done and rushed them through on the last day and this was the result. While I happy that they got them done within the time I asked I wished he (Shorty) would have taken a little more care in the work when he sewed the center panels up. 

All my crying aside, I'm willing to give these time to wear in and I have them in the sun like you said before I make a final judgement on them. I have the seats sitting outside soaking up some sun right now per Austin's advice on getting the material to settle down. I will hold final judgments on these until I get some honest seat time in them. They look pretty good in a dark car and I will be sitting in them more than I will be looking at them. 

This small flaw though is my only concern with the seats. The side bolsters, back, stitching etc all look top notch. The skins are all tight around the frames and the rear map pocket looks good etc. I am being a little picky about the centers but I can't help to with the money I have spent on this build so far.

I will let the photos speak for themselves. 



Inside lighting... 


In the car....

Trans tunnel also in suede, this looks amazing!

A few other things worth mentioning. i had the front windscreen replaced a couple of weeks ago so I am starting fresh there. 

I also ordered replacement door sills from Ray Crowe as well as other misc items that keep finding the way to the house. Ray tossed in Kuzi  

New door sills.

I had my tires mounted and balanced this morning as well. Just to clarify the rears are 18x10 with +20 offset. The rubber is Michelin Pilot Super Sport 255/35/18 Over all diameter is just about the same as stock roughly 25" My rear fenders are rolled and the clearance should be fine. Although it is hard to say for sure until I get the weight of the engine back in the car... 

The front wheels are 18x9 with a +23 offset. The rubber is 24/35/18 Michelin Pilot super sports.

The fenders are rolled, but again I will not know how it will clear until I get the weight of the engine back on the chassis. 

I have the front bumper just sitting in place for the photo. It is still going to get a lip added to it and possible some canards, not sure on that. Next on my immediate list is a dual oil cooler set up and the ducting.

Just some more fd **** to stare at. 


Early this mooring I went out in the shop before the family woke up and got a few hours in. I went ahead and got this reassembled with the pieces and put it in the car. Austin you did a killer job on these shift and brake boots.  

The floor to ceiling suede is sexy. This car is taking on a personality all on it's own.

Then I mounted up the pass side Feed skirt, it's carbon fiber. Didn't fool with the drivers side since I'd have to pull it off anyway to get the fender painted up these week anyway. 

Last thing I fooled with was mounting the SBG HID's in. 

Thats all for tonight, Happy Monday tomorrow..  


Well I got sick of looking at this fender so I went ahead and started on it tonight. I rolled the lip on the fender and then I got the most of the fill work done. I sprayed a few coats of primer on it before walking away from it. I'll finish that and seal it out tomorrow. Might not get the clear on it until this weekend. 

Just in case anyone needs one, You can still get new OEM hood cables from Malloy for around $25. 

And I went ahead and installed the two gauges I am going to have. These are Autometer GS gauges. They are a dead match on the JDM OEM green interior lights. I have these in my Jeep and they are awesome. 


I got the base color laid on the fender this past Friday. My catalyst for the clear coat is old though since i bought it last summer and I don't trust it. That being the case I had to order some on Friday since I can't find this stuff locally. The fender looks great but I am waiting on supplies to get the clear on it. 

So then I switched gears and jumped on the long block. I went ahead and stripped it down. I sold the 93 turbos off of it and shipped them out Friday. I am replacing every coolant line on the block, the engine harness, vacuum hose tie-wrap and maybe remove a few items such as the OMP, AWS, Double throttle etc... The oil pan needs to come off and be resealed also. It's leaking.

I'm not exactly sure on my plans for this yet to be completely honest. It's been over 11 years since I have had a twin turbo set up on an RX7 so I have forgot some of the bits on the manifold and I need to read up on and re-fresh my memory. My old car was bare bones. I removed everything non-essential off the manifolds. This time I want the car to run and idle as close to stock as possible. 

Anyway, doing the tie-wrap job brought back some old school memories.

Behold this mess...

The vacuum lines were pretty much petrified. 

The engine hardness, Oh excuse me I mean harness is going out the window as well. A brand new one is $800 at Malloy. I'll be calling in that order on Monday. I have two older ones for sale if anyone needs a spare. 

Okay so 30 min or so and one Red Bull later...

Then I broke open a can of old school 2002 and did a tie wrap job on the rats nest. I had a spare from my old car which made this go really fast when I had a reference. Cleaned off all the grime on the solenoids and the rack. Resprayed the rack too. 

Bolted up the ACT HD/Street too. 


This one is for you buddy...

Is that better? No saturation.  


Not to much to update on this. I did get the clear on the fender as planned. Other than that I am just chipping out little odds and ends. I did drop all the manifolds off with the powder coating guy last Friday. I also have things coming in the for the engine. I plan on dropping the engine back into the car in a week or two. Last big ticket items are oil coolers and intercooler

The DS fender came out pretty well. I won't get around to wet sanding and buffing out all of the paint until I can pull the car out into the sunlight. 

Hey Nick, 

I took these pics for you. I used 3m outdoor adhesive tape in the middle. The front bolts down with two stock bolts that go into the bottom of the fender edge. The rear use the factory self taping screws that hold on the mud guard things. Thats all you need. No drilling of any holes in the car are necessary. 

Add tape like so..

And bolt it up in these holes.

Front first, 

Then the rear.

Thats it, sit back and soak in the view. 


Nothing significant to update. I rolled the car out of the building to repaint the floors. I can see a few issues with the paint that I didn't notice until in the sunlight. Annoying as it is the drivers fender base coat is thin in on spot on the top edge and the same on the front bumper where it meets the fender. I will probably have to repaint both parts again because it looks like a total eye sore to me. 

I am considering just doing a feed front bumper if I have to repaint the bumper again. I think that would look better with the wheels and the street diffuser. 

Anyway, aside from that it looks pretty good. 


You can see the blue isn't thick enough here on the fender.




Well I have been pretty busy with work so I haven't gotten much accomplished. I started block sanding the paint out. I need to go over it again but it started looking better. My better half snapped off a few...

The paint is getting there, I will repaint the drivers fender and the front bumper. I am still undecided on the bumper as far as sticking with PFS or swapping. 

So then these little guys came in the mail today. Knightsports mirrors. This was an ebay score from about a month ago. It took that long to get them from Thailand. The parts came as described but they didn't have any way to mount them. So I devised a plan to fiberglass in some studs on the bottom and I will use 20 pound mounting tape on the other side. I should have these in paint by the end of the weekend. 

My wife hates them.. ROFL!!!! Tough **** woman! 


Well I just ordered a Spec-B front end from Shine. So the PFS bumper is available for purchase if anyone is interested. This is the 3rd choice of bumper and hopefully the last. 


Well I didn't get to the mirrors but I did get most of the paint buffed out. A few issues that I won't bother getting into here until I am done only because this is starting to sound like a broken record. 

Some pics of the wet sanded and buffed out paint

So as to not get too deep into my weekend set backs. I will let this photo give you a hint.....


Okay then, teaser pic.


Long overdue post. The car is kicking my ***. I have been bogged down with bullshit, waiting on powder coat and parts in general. 

Some self inflicted. I bought a shine spec B bumper. Fun watching the freight truck back up off my dead end street. Sold the PFS bumper here on the forum just the other day. The shine auto box came in handy. 

And so then for the first time in 12 years I needed a set of 99 combo lights. Harder to find than I thought. Scored a used set for under $300 shipped. 

They fit in bumper pretty good.

Opinions on the difference. The only aftermarket bumper I have ever had was a PFS one. The Shine bumper is a noticeable few pounds lighter than the PFS facia. The PFS bumper being ridged fiberglass is formed perfectly. The nose on the Shine bumper was wavy out of the box and needed some body work. 

I dont have the this piece done yet, plan on having it done in a week or two. Waiting on oil coolers and engine parts to come in. 

Powder coat parts are in black with pearl flake. 

Engine is sitting on the floor still.  Just waiting on the last bit of powder coat parts to come back and slap it all back together and set in back in the car. 

Nothing wild done with the engine. Cleaned it up and resealed the oil pan with a banzai brace. 


Just dropping a line to let the the forum know that I am moving. My wife and I decided to separate, Which is why the car project has been on hold. Marriage was on the rocks... I will be moving my fd project to my new pad.

The car is currently in hibernation. I will get back on track to wrap it up when I get settled into my new digs in two weeks. 

Peace out...


Just stopped in to let the forum know I'm still alive. I moved into my new place over the weekend. I'm literally on the back side of Maryland International Raceway Budds Creek down on the Wicomico river. If anyone makes it to the track just call me and I'll make it out..

Anyway, my fd is still under the cover locked up at my old house. I'm planning on having it towed here on a flat bed this weekend and I'll get back on wrapping it up.

My new place.. Nice house with water view on too of a large 2.5 car a garage. It's heaven!


Thanks for the well wishes guys. I'll have to update the thread when I get things moved in and reassess where I'm at with the car.

Photo from my deck of the sunset on the river and the garage before I moved anything in.




Thanks to some friends I got the car home. Still have to pick up all my parts, engine trans etc... And get it all back here.

More to follow.


I'll get on this over the weekend.

Need to wrap up the sake Bomb oil cooler install,
Get the long block all back together and drop it in. Mount up Intercooler and radiator, finish Up various trim pieces, get the exhaust and what not out back on, adjust the front wheels enough to drive it up for a 4 wheel alignment. And uhh probably a thousand other things I have forgotten.


Hi All,

Well starting my new years resolutin' a lil early. I plan on wrapping this car up in 2015. 2014 was a real life changing year for me. The fd has been sitting under the cover since the day I moved it to my bachelors pad. Last weekend I took off the cover and cleaned off the dust. Then I started to lay things out and take inventory on where exactly I am with this car. With all that was going on in my personal life I forgot where I left off. So this post is really just a starting point for me to re-group and get in the game. 

First order of business will be getting the engine harness cleaned up and re-taped. Then i can start putting the long block back together. I started on that this past weekend. I never did get the throttle body and alternator put back together after the power coating. I'm jumping on the harness next. 

Exactly like I left her about two months ago. So obviously never got to finishing the paint before I had to move out. So the drivers fender needs to be buffed and paint the burn out bumper. That's the last bit of exterior work to do. 

Re-assembled the alternator and the throttle body. 


I'll be updating later this week or next weekend. I retaped one of the two engine harnesses that I had. Then I found one for sale in the classifieds with around 28k miles on it. So I ended up buying that as well as the coils and harness.

I'll have lots of parts to sell at some point since I have changed my mind so many times on this stuff and the parts keep piling up.

I have koyo, Greddy FMIC, some Knightsports mirrors, JDM center console, two engine harnesses, some interior plastics etc all just taking up space.


Here is that Koyo,
The previous owner (Jasonn) bent it to fit the greedy front mount. It doesn't leak but the bend is why I would let it go cheap. I'm doing a greedy kit like I said so I won't need it.





^ Glad you enjoyed the read. I have builds that i love to check in on myself. 

I was hoping to have this engine ready to drop back in the car by this week but I was missing pest items like the studs and nuts for the UIM and the TB. Also lost some other bits, the air pump bracket and bolts, small nuts for the pipe and the coil rack. Can't find the bolts for the engine to trans either.. 

I thought I did a good job of baging and labeling all the hardware but after having to move etc some of the stuff was just misplaced. 

I have the small parts to gather this week and I need some coolant hose and the belts. I am on the down slope to getting the engine back in the car. 

love this color still... 


I really wasn't able to do much this weekend since my parts haven't came in the mail from Ray Crowe yet. Today I cleaned up the ABS. Painted the bracket and heat shield and put it back in the car. Not very exciting but that's all I have for today.


I am creeping closer and closer to dropping the engine back in the car. 

Cleaned up the AC compressor and painted it. Then i mounted in back on the engine but I am short one bolt, go figure... 

Cleaned up the lines and wrapped them with some gold tape, I heard it will make mad horsepower gains yo.. Majestic horse power increases aside I may insulate these more, I would love frigid AC. 

Random photo of the Master cylinder


Had the day off so I took advantage of the free time and I dropped the engine back in. Only scratched the paint in one small spot on the firewall. Dropped it in solo in about 20 min. 

Then I went for a bike ride...


I've been chipping away at odds and ends. Last night I got the PPF and the drive shaft back in the car. Re-installed the clutch slave cylinder too. 

* I've run into some electrical gremlins though.* 

1. I can't get the headlamps to pop up or power on. 

2. The sun roof won't work.

3. I had the dash lights working but I took out the AC panel to check the bulbs and now none of the gauge lights on the cluster work.

4. No power getting the ECU/Commander

I have two mystery plugs under the dash near the fuse box that I cannot seem to find out where they are supposed to go.

I also have one plug behind the dash right where the main engine harness comes through the firewall that is not plugged in and I am not sure where that one goes. I am wondering if I might have missed that one when I put the dash back in. 

Last but not least, I just got a new PFC with an OLED commander and I hooked that up but I am getting no lights the the commander. I know for certain that I have some grounds not attached to the engine yet and that will be there next thing I will do. 

Any thoughts on the lights, sun roof, pop ups etc? I checked all my fuses and there all good. I'll post up a photo of these mystery plugs I am talking about. If any one has some suggestions I am all ears. 

Mystery plugs, One blue (bottom of the picture) and one 3 way white.

The gauge lights looked pretty cool for the few minutes that I did have them on though. 


Well it's been forever and a day since I touched the car. As much as I wanted to order the Greddy VMIC kit I just could not justify dropping $3000 on a fricken intercooler, a radiator and some pipes. I bought the much cheaper Rotary works VMIC off Ebay. I already mocked the kit up and everything fits with a little grinding of some of the tabs. The charge side pipe needs to be cut and re-angled for my twins and I need my local guy to modify my crossover tube on the Y pipe. All in all still way cheaper than a Greddy kit. I have to order a high flow cat this week and then it's just a matter of putting it all back together. I have convinced Rikki to come down and give me a hand chasing down my electrical issue. 

I hope to get back on this project and start wrapping it up in the coming weeks. 


A family it! Thanks for sharing!

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