Silver_7's 94 RX-7 build by silver_7

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Silver_7's 94 RX-7 build

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94 Mazda RX-7 

Touring model w/sunroof


- Stock Reman Motor from Mazda

- Stock rebuilt sequential turbos

- Blitz dual air intake

- Down pipe (not sure of brand)

- Resonated Mid pipe (not sure of brand)

Apexi Exhaust

- Walbro 255 fuel pmp

Tuned w/Apexi power FC w/commander


- Upgraded clutch (Not sure of brand)

- Mazdaspeed short shifter


- Mazdaspeed MS-01 rims Front: 17x8 +35 Rear: 17x9 +34

Dunlop tires Front: 225/45 r17 Rear: 255/40 r17

- Drilled front and rear rotors


- Ground Control Coilovers

- Greddy front strut tower bar


- 99 Spec front bumper

- 99 Spec front turn signals

- 99 Spec front lip

- 99 Spec fog ligts.

- 99 Spec converted rear lights

- Tinted side markers


- R2 seats

- Viper alarm system


- Alpine CDA-117 radio

- Aftermarket speakers front and rear, but dont know what they are yet. (bose system was removed)

Optima red top battery

Things on order/needed: 

-New belt 

-Air pump eliminator kit

-Aluminum radiator (possible Koyo...had one in the last FD.) 

-Aluminum AST or FC filler neck 

-Battery Tie Down 

-New starter...relay fix (very intermittent) 

-Passenger head light cover (only has one tab holding it on) 

-FC fan switch 

-Boost gauge w/holder 

-Coolant overflow (the neck on the old one is in rough shape 

-Will be getting the stock mount intercooler from Dan.  

-Get w/DALE on the fan setting

Some new parts came in today. Changed out the belts in the rx-7....they were pretty much toasted.

Parts that came in were mainly maintenance stuff...


-oil filter

-spark plugs

-spark plug wires

-Premix for the fuel

Greddy Elbow came with the car and 6x9 speaker spacers to swap out the 5 1\4 speakers

This 99 spec wing came with the car but I really dont think Im going to keep it much less put it on.

I do like that its adjustable though.


Picked up a Peter Farrell stock mount intercooler with intake today. Dropped it off at DNA Powder coating to get the end tanks powder coated black.


Intake box w/K&N Filter