Andrew's Rx7 project car by foxriderar77

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Andrew's Rx7 project car

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I thought I would share my project car here. I hope you guys like it!

I bought the car about 2 years ago in good but non running condition, and planned to just get it running and clean it up a bit.

Then I found a V8, my friend had one for sale. It's an LT1 from a caprice cop car. It was really cluttered but I cleaned it up a bit, modified the oil pan, and put it in with a Granny's mount kit.

Right now the project is kinda stalled. after I graduated I got married, had a kid, and got a job with Robby Gordon Motorsports working crazy hours.

We are moving soon though to a place with a garage so hopefully progress will pick up again. Currently I am swapping the front hubs for the FC Turbo II, this gives me 4 piston calipers and much larger brake discs.

Thanks for checking at my project!

Heres another picture of it with my friends S13