Andrew's Rx7 project car by foxriderar77

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Andrew's Rx7 project car

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I thought I would share my project car here. I hope you guys like it!

I bought the car about 2 years ago in good but non running condition, and planned to just get it running and clean it up a bit.

Then I found a V8, my friend had one for sale. It's an LT1 from a caprice cop car. It was really cluttered but I cleaned it up a bit, modified the oil pan, and put it in with a Granny's mount kit.

Right now the project is kinda stalled. after I graduated I got married, had a kid, and got a job with Robby Gordon Motorsports working crazy hours.

We are moving soon though to a place with a garage so hopefully progress will pick up again. Currently I am swapping the front hubs for the FC Turbo II, this gives me 4 piston calipers and much larger brake discs.

Thanks for checking at my project!

Heres another picture of it with my friends S13


Small update here. I finished moving to my new house and we are now all settled in. RX7 fits nice in the garage. It really is nice having a spot to work on the car now, I feel progress will come faster. I got the transmission out and have put on the shifter and adapter plate for the bellhousing. I also bought some new wheels and tires for the front after I finished my hub swap.


Thanks for the compliments guys, this is the brake caliper bracket I made with the 5 lug fc hub


Have one some more work, finished the brakes, and put it back on the ground temporarily. Mocking up the radiator as well.


Made some more progress, welded my transmission and radiator mounts. I'm gonna install tonight and work a bit on the stance before I fabricate the exhaust

I also moved the motor back an inch or so to help clear the front sway bar


3 months later and everything runs!!

Big picture dump coming, I am hopefully welding my exhaust this week.

Let me know what you think

Also here is a short video of it running