kattanh3's W203 build-up thread

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Looking around for blue w/ silver text BBS center caps... preferably a sticker since the wheels center bore are most probably 57.1 not 66.6

Here's a good link for anyone considering BBS center caps, not blue though

Also looking for a pair of R04CA bulbs


I'll be dropping the car to the shop first thing in the morning, unfortunately the shop will not cut springs coil. Said that they might not sit properly and could come out when driving... is this true?

I'll install it as it is anyways and I'll see how I feel about that. I have a feeling that I'll cut it anyways after it settles.


Chapter 1 - Let the Modding Begin

Not up to my expectations but nevertheless a start is a start, regardless of the outcome lol. I sent a batch of parts to get installed at a good local shop, only problem was that the shop was relocating to a new facility. Sorry for the iPhone pics quality. I'll do a better job at taking pics once I get a decent result

H&R springs installed. At the moment, ride height didn't change much. I used to have a 3.5 fingers gap at the front (apx. 2"~2.5") between the tires and fender, and about 2.5 (1"~1.5") at the front. Right now it's more like 1.75 fingers at the front and 2 at the back, I'm confident that it'll get the advertised specs once it settles. The surprising part is that the car rides better and smoother. The "sport" fender emblem/stickers were removed.

The spoiler also was installed. Opted to use gule-gun rather the supplied double sided tape.

Installed 5000k LED rear license plates lights (not the AZNOptics). Very satisfied, they look good in real life, not as strong as in the pic here and they mach the HID kit perfectly.

Moving on to the headlights. The DEPO clear projector housing are great value for money. The cutouts aren't that great but then again aren't that bad either. Here's how it looks without the low-beam lights on.

With the low-beam HID 5000k lights on... The shop didn't install the AZNOptics 5000k parking lights to match the HID (or installed it elsewhere on my car. Didn't check thoroughly yet) but like I said earlier they were in the middle of a move and I'm happy that they accommodated me and they've got good customer service so I'm not worried.

Just couple of days after the install, driver-side HID went out. This is the first time I had issues with HID and I could use help trouble shooting. Should I check/order filament or ballast first? what are the most common causes: early wear (cuz it was for e.g. touched by bare hands) or electric issues? Anyways it was a cheap eBay kit that was supplied with the DEPO housing and clear side marker housing for less than $400 so I'd glad to change them before they start a fire or something.

Another issue was the side marker. I've changed it into clear housing and added AZNOptics 5000k LED. I like the absence of the amber housing a lot but I'm not feeling the end result, the light is somewhat green and does not match the HID at all. My guess is that this is due to the quality of the eBay housing. I'm thinking of going back to OEM lights (assuming that the bulbs were amber) and change down the road into euro-strips. P.M. me if you've got a white pair for sale!

I also got the OEM cargo net installed. Unfortunately, the kit doesn't come with all necessary parts, you'd still have to get the "D-rings" separately.

Hooks were supplied with the OEM kit.

Here's the temporary work-around. The D-rings are suppose to come out from this slit.

Also I removed the hideous dealer license plate frame and installed these bolts.