kattanh3's W203 build-up thread

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Miro wheels are here, also ordered Kleemann headers. center caps are 66mm... still searching for blue BBS caps 

It's probably too soon to tell, but I'm having second thoughts about the flat hood emblem... I kinda like the OEM ornament. The OEM flat hood I got is too big, Ill try the small replicas


The gap between the fender and the top of the tires (in getto units of "finger" width):

  • OEM suspension: front: 3.5 back: 2.5
  • H&R after installation: front: 2 back: 1.75
  • H&R now: front: 1.75 back: 1

It's starting to settle in.


My lights alignment were off. The driver-side was pointing really high. I fixed the main issue but they the cutoffs aren't perfect yet.

I was only fiddling around with the 2 headlight "adjusters" that can be accessed vertically from on top of the housing. The inner adjuster, closer located to the center of the car, was clearly helping with the hight of the cutoff. But I couldn't figure out what the outer adjuster was doing. Also the cutoff were perfectly horizontal at all... any advice on how I can improve my alignment?

Is there a specific procedure somewhere for our cars? detailing how far should I be from the wall, what hight should I aim to have the cutoffs at... etc.


Thanks for the tip.

Kleemann headers came in earlier today


summer set is finally on. still needs some work but I'm happy for now. Gotta cut a coil or 1/2 @ front.