e430 Endurance Racecar build by WOT-Tech

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e430 Endurance Racecar build 

Compliments of WOT-Tech @ http://mbworld.org



My name is John and a friend of mine decided he wanted for my small performance shop to turn his e430 into an endurance race car. We plan on competing in Chumpcar Daytona, FL in May 2015. This will be our 4th Chumpcarbuild, first MB as the other three were BMW's.

So far the car has been stripped and caged, all glass removed except windshield, all unnecessary wiring removed (miles of it!), stock exhaust replaced with just dual straight pipes and twin resonators.

We are currently down to 2880lbs with very little fuel in the tank, should be an interesting track car.

Might have some questions, but future plans include using a PCM from another vehicle (or cheap aftermarket) and somehow getting a manual transmission in there - but that may not be in time for the May race.

We will be using this car only for Daytona as it's a high hp track. We have an e36 that was retired from Chumpcarand is becoming a GTS3/T1 road racing car, but the e30 (1989 325i) remains our primary car for it's agility and good fuel mileage.

Looking forward to conversing with you folks!



Interesting build

Posted by Diggymart on 4/11/20 @ 12:27:26 PM