82mm throttle body by kjlindgr

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82mm throttle body 

Compliments of kjlindgr @ http://mbworld.org


This has been discussed quite a few times, I know. Just thought I'd share my experiences as well. There are probably easier ways to accomplish this task, but I made the most of what I had and it all worked out pretty well.

Fitment is perfect. Idle is perfect.

82mm throttle body straight from Mercedes. This is $800 in a box:

Nobody seems to want to share the part number with the world. I think that's just silly:

I found a hunk of 1/2" thick aluminum plate and started making the adapter plate needed to fit onto the stock supercharger snout:

Using a hole-saw, I cut the throttle body inlet hole undersized, just to remove most of the meat:

Then used a boring bar to bore the hole to size:

Here's the finished product with holes drilled and tapped:

Here's the stock supercharger snout. I cleaned it up a little and removed all the miscellaneous fittings and other fun-buttons:

A good visual to see what 74mm looks like compared to 82mm:

I made a little jig to hold the snout at the right angle and got busy with the boring bar again. Indexable carbide cutters rule:

Tack welded onto the newly bored supercharger snout:

All done:

I didn't have any baseline numbers to do a before/after comparison...plus, my engine setup is completely different from before so I don't have much to compare to as well. Anything that helps the engine breathe better is a good thing.