Crank Shaft Position Sensor DIY with PICS by shardul

Vehicle: 2003 W211 E55
Time/Difficulty: ~20 min
Tools Needed:
  • Extension
  • E8 female torque socket
By diyauto
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Crank Shaft Position Sensor DIY with PICS 

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Yesterday my car died on the freeway. Famous CPS went bad. Went to dealership and bought the part for 85. Thanks for Kevin (Hadilaw's Cousin) for giving me a ride and the AUS-E55, MEKANTOR, and EXOTIC-METAL for their help too.

New Sensor and Old Sensor

Tools needed - Extension and E8 female torque socket

Remove heat shielding form sensor wire connection and unplug the sensor wiring harness

Use E8 socket and extension to remove one bolt holding the sensor. Once this is done the sensor should just come
This is the location of the sensor

Install in reverse order. Easy fix beats paying 400 at the dealership.

My support car.

She is getting ready for the sensor to be replaced.