ROW Air Box mod by timetoy

Vehicle: 2008 E63 wagon
By diyauto
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ROW Air Box mod

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I read a lot about the ROW Air Box Mod, but I couldn't find a good DIY, just a couple of pictures here and there. Based on that I took the jump and modded my stock air boxes and documented the process.
Keep in mind this can through a CEL if you are not tunned.

You will need:
- A Dremel with a cutting wheel
- Exacto knife
- Long neck pliers
- Sand Paper 150-200

- MAF cleaner
- Compressed air

You start with your stock air box top:

Make sure you remove the MAF sensor:

I just rip off the thin plastic lattice by hand:

With a Dremel I cut a superficial groove in the black plastic:

Close up of the groove:

You now can easily separate and remove the plastic pieces:

Note: It may be possible to use a heat gun to melt the glue a remove the black plastic without breaking it, but I didn't try.

With the Dremel cut the "trumpet":

Be careful to cut the trumpet but not dig in the metal parts around the MAF:

After cutting, quite rough:

Trim hard to reach sections with long neck pliers:

Trim the glue with an Exacto knife:

Sand the edges to remove the remaining glue and to smooth the rough cutting around the trumpet:

Clean the air Box with compressed air, then water then compressed air again, make sure there is absolutely no trace of dust or water, then reassemble the MAF sensor. While you are at it you can use some MAF cleaner to make sure the MAF is grease free.

Behold your modded airbox:

Hope this helps!


The issue is that the plate is highly restricive: (US vs ROW air box)

Also because there is a gap in the back I highly doubt that there are any velocity stack effect:

Sure real ROW air boxes will be better, but for the price, can't beat it.