Door Handle Replacement DIY by loungn14

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Door Handle Replacement DIY

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Hey guys, I had to replace the door handle as the lock button didnt work anymore. Figured i would do a diy for others that might have this issue.

Here is the replacement piece

Open the door, and remove the inside weatherstrip at this location

You will then see a screw hole. Take a torx wrench and loosen the screw.

You can then gently remove the lock assembly

I personally didn't know if the screw would fall into the door so I actually taped the torx to the door temp while maintaining forward pressure

Gently slide the handle toward the back of the car and It will pop out

Using needle nose plyers remove the sensor

Slide the new one in making sure that the rubber gaskets are seated properly and the "L" piece of the handle fits behind this gold piece in the door

Push the lock back in and screw it back down

Test and all should be well! One of the things you can actually replace without having to code the darn thing using Star! Really simple to do!