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A car with no name.

Compliments of 67catmando @ classiccougarcommunity.com


I think this section is pretty cool. I have had this car for over 3 years now. There has been some progress made on it but I am gearing up for a final push to complete my car. I take pictures along the way but probably not as often as I should. It seems like I get time to work directly on the car about once a month. Maybe I get a full day in about that often but I do work towards finishing the car more frequently. I have compiled a ton of parts to go on the car, so I guess that is a good thing. This is a restomod project so I have the freedom to do whatever I like. Perhaps that is what is making it take so long. The scope of this project has expanded a bunch. This is what I have done so far:. 

This is what it looked like when I got it. Cheap paint job flaking but overall pretty straight and rust free.

I changed out the floor shifter with a dynacorn reproduction so I could fit a console. The power steering was only half there, control valve, ram and PS pump missing, so I swapped in new Manual steering. Thank heaven Borgeson has that conversion kit now.

I pulled the motor, painted and changed the water pump and several of the accessories, air cleaner etc.

I swapped the 20 inch radiator for a 24 inch 3 row, changed the hoses, thermostat, heater core, overflow tank and got the thing running at 180 on the button. 

I swapped out the leaky C4 for an AOD. I had a sub frame connector and drive shaft loop installed.

I had new mufflers, new exhaust and new shorty headers installed. Oh yeah, custom exhaust tips nestled into the valance too.

I am in the middle of the mustangsteve GT disc brake swap. The car is up on jack stands. I need to find some time to button up the front and move to the rear brakes.

I did a shelby drop for one inch and installed all new front suspension. New uppers, lowers, shocks, 1 1/8 inch sway bar, 1 inch drop springs, export brace, monte carlo bar, strut rods, locking eccentrics, etc.

My knee kept hitting the parking brake when I would get into the driver's seat to dream a little, so I pulled it and fitted the car with a kick style from a 72 torino, which matches pedals perfectly. I still have to run the cables to the GT brakes. You have to space it away from the kick panel. That puts it into the fresh air vent. I solved it by capping the vent hole for now but I may try to make a shorter vent tube. 

I had the seats recovered in parchment and added headrest by using 69 seats and had them wrapped in 68 vinyl. 

I cut out a wood fascia for my standard interior dash. I have a little woodshop. It is color matched to a Momo wood wheel I found. I just need to do some finishing details like put in the turn signal lights and wiper switch holes. Then I will finish it in a high gloss. 

I detailed the gauges, and found a NOS speedometer(not pictured). I am still looking for a reasonably priced NOS multi gauge. I got one a used one that looks pretty good though. 

I had all of the holes on the car, trunk molding, trunk lock, door handles, antenna, mirrors, emblem holes, shaved. 

Installed door poppers, door solenoids (removed after mockup), 

I have my wheels and in hand and will be installing them soon. I hope they look as good on the car as they do in a stack. Well that is what I have started (because it seems like nothing is actually DONE). 

Here is the rest of the plan. 

The car with no name will be completely shaved. No emblems no trim. 

4 wheel disc brakes. Low stance slight rake. Wheels fat and tucked.

Power door and trunk poppers.

Power mirrors.

Power windows.


Probe motor conversion with H1/H4 lights from RCCI

Parchment interior

All new wiring to support all of the new electronics. 

Stereo/alarm etc

I am sure there are things missing but I will try to keep this post updated.


Wow great!

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Wow great build!

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