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Yeah, Phillip, it's looking that way, at least for a while. It's really a sweet car, in spite of the transgressions committed by the previous owner (the one my friend bought it from).

I've got four new Kumhos coming for it, this week, so I expect to be putting some serious miles on it before it's time to put it away for the winter. It's also getting a rebuilt distributor, this week, so that I can complete the tune-up.


Putting some test miles on the car, today. Strong runner. Very peppy and I really like the five speed. However, the speedometer is way off and then the cable broke................. Does any one know what cable to order, as a replacement (Datsun 5 spd. trans)?

Tomorrow, I'll change to a rebuilt distributor and eliminate the electronic ignition, at which point I'll have an accurate tachometer, again (something not compatible with the Crane ignition, I suppose). If not, I've got a few Midget tachs in my parts stash. Once I get the ignition set-up the way I like it (nothing against the Crane ignition, but I want something that I understand and am thoroughly familiar with), I'll do a complete tune-up. Like I said, it runs real strong, but just not quite as smoothly as it should. No big deal and easy to overcome, once I've got the timing spot-on.

Did I mention that I REALLY like the 5 speed?smiling smiley Great feel to it, even if not quite as sweet-shifting as the rib-case gearbox, but very close to being as nice. I need to find a few more Datsun 5 speeds, for my other Midgets!

Anyway, the car is coming along nicely and I'm very happy with it. It has enough minor needs to make it fun to work on, but runs & drives very well, already, with not much sorting needed to dial it in just right.

Applied for my antique license plate, today (I'm using an old PA plate that was first used on my BMW 2002Tii in '72) and I'm, technically, not supposed to drive it until Harrisburg sends me the paperwork (takes about 3 1/2 weeks, according to AAA)showing the license number. But, it's fully insured, I own it and have given the state another $75 for the privilege of driving, I'm DRIVING it!


Well, after finally getting the wheels balanced, correctly and taking several short test drives around the countryside where I live, it was time for an overnighter with the car.

After installing my hardtop (factory), putting the glove box back in and a few other miscellaneous items, my wife and I headed out, yesterday morning, with the car on our local club's fall foliage tour to the Laurel Highlands. The only issue was a brake light switch failure (which was dismissed by a Morgan driver with: "hell, no one can get close enough to see your brake lights anyway!"winking smiley. It was a very fun drive, over some great, mountain back-roads. Although the day was overcast, with occasional light showers, we had a blast and the car never skipped a beat.

Tomorrow, I'll change-out that brake light switch and install one which I've re-conditioned. I also need to reinstall the flapper valve in the air inlet tube of the heater. With the hardtop on and temps in the upper 30s/low 40s this morning, the heater just about blew me out of the car! And that's with the footwell "doors" closed, so that the only heated air was coming in through the defroster vents. The blower isn't even hooked-up, as a previous owner (the car came from FL) has removed the wiring for it.sad smiley.

So, the car's first 250 mile round trip has been a near-complete success. Replace brake light switch and make a few minor adjustments and the car will be ready for some serious distances. Needless to say, I'm delighted with the car