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Yes, it sure was great fun. Wish I could afford the time & money to do it every weekend. This is my favorite time of the year, even though it only lasts for a few weeks. While we're done with overnight trips, for the year, I figure to put several hundred more miles on both Midgets, before the snow flies and I have to put them away until spring.

Regarding color. Usually, I don't much care for white cars. But, along with the Porsche 356, Midgets are one of the few cars which I think look really good in white, particularly the RWA Midgets. The black hardtop looks a lot better on the white Midget than on my red one.  

Unfortunately, a previous owner swapped-out the Navy interior on this car for a black one.sad smiley So, next year it will get a Navy interior, when I re-do the seats.

Had a Teal Blue w/Autumn Leaf interior Midget (a '74) back in the day and I really love that (and Mallard) color combination. BTW, I'm pretty sure that Aconite Midgets ('74 model year, only) also came through with Autumn Leaf interiors, as well.