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Installing VB headlight relay harness 

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I am installing the VB headlight relay harness on my Midget. I am doing it without damaging the original wiring and so it could be easily removed later if desired and leave only a couple small holes where the relays are mounted and where I will ground the lights.

I have been taking photos and wonder if anyone would like me to write it up or not.


First is to know it is really simple to install this harness. If you start getting complicated stop and either ask questions or think it through.

You already have the first photo showing where to mount the relays. The power leads for the harness connect to the hot post on the solenoid where the positive battery cable connects. This will give you full battery power and not have to run an unsightly wire to the battery post.

I removed the yellow covering and wrapped my wires in blue harness tape and used wire ties to make the job look a little cleaner.

The photo in the wheel well shows the blue original wiring and the black VB harness with the main part going through the splash guard and the right hand headlight wires splitting off to the headlight.

Then simply connect to one of the existing headlight plugs. This is what provides the switching power for the relays. A very small amount is all that will pass through here.

Be aware that to pass the wires through the splash guard and light bucket holes the plastic part of the plugs will have to be removed. It is easy to do this so don't panic. A small screw driver along the brass connecter will push the tang back enough to release it and the connector will slide out.

Two things; take photos of the wire locations before removing them from the plugs. It is a good thing to put them back in the same place. And the tang will likely be bent back slightly and might not catch when re-assembling them so slightly bend the tangs back out before re-assembly.

On the left side run the blue and yellow wire through for the left headlight.

Here is a better photo of the starter relay connection.

One more thing. the headlight buckets do not make a good place to ground the lights. Be sure to run a ground wire to the body and make a secure connection.

And this goes at the top of the list.eye popping smiley Remove the battery ground before starting.

Here is a photo showing how to remove the connectors.

And something I found out when I did this with my TR6. Do a voltage check on the alternator or generator. Turned out mine was over-charging and I burned out a pair of new headlights in no time. Had no problem until I "improved" my system.