Who in the hell was the brainchild that designed this!? by WilliamChrist

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Who in the hell was the brainchild that designed this!? 

Compliments of WilliamChrist @ mgexp.com


Ok, so to clarify, I mean the interior of the 1967 MG Midget! I think there is truly a special place in hell for whoever the hell designed the door assembly on this thing. All in all it took me about 4 hours to create the interior door panel for this car. I like upholstery work usually, but this was exceptionally shitty. The nuts and bolts that hold on that top trim were truly the worst, well except for maybe the entire rest of the damn door. I'm gonna include the picture of what the passenger door looks like now and what it started out like. The before shot is the drivers door, but the passenger door looked the same, I just didn't take pictures. Please pick it apart to tell me anything I may have missed in trying to get it to be original, with the exception of the window crank bezel thing, I never had one and I know I need one. I built it based on pictures of other 67's I found online, so be gentle.