I Only Wanted The Wheels.... by 72clubman

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I Only Wanted The Wheels.... 

Compliments of 72clubman @ theminiforum.co.uk


So I've been after a certain set of wheels for almost 4 years now, came close last year but it wasn't meant to be. So while browsing Ebay at the weekend I saw a 1275 GT wearing said wheels. I emailed the vendor asking if he'd consider selling them seperately, but to no avail. After getting a few more details the idea of buying the car for the wheels didn't seem so silly. so I did. so I present to you my new 1979 Mini 1275 GT.

The body has been repaired in the past, and have stood up well although they weren't treated after so lots of surface rust. Plan is to get it roadworthy and use it, although it has't been on the road for 14 years so a bit to do! 

Oh and of course I think the wheels look perfect, but they'll be treated properly. they'll be painted and shod in new tyres as soon as possible. to do them justice.









Didn't last long.

only picked up the car last night, and the last picture was about 2 hours ago. wish me luck!



Arches gone, not a fan personally. 


Thanks for your kind works. I think the challenge wheels are worth the hassle, I paid 1500 for her and I was quite pleased with that. Got a bit more done today, found a few holes, but that was easily rectified. 





All welded up. Welded up the arch holes as well, this is going to be a no arch GT.



quick blow over with some primer.