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My 998 Turbo 

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just started collecting bits for my 998 turbo build,
but first im gonna be running a 12G295 head with a kent 266cam until i got everything,

my car


i just bought a 12G295 head for £50 needs a good refurb


looking for a Kent 266 cam now, i have a couple of leads so i'll keep you updated.

i will be doing this on another engine (which i need to get) so i can keep using my car.

stay tuned


just bought a T2 Turbo offf of that ebay for £52,
so wait for that to come and check to condition properly :)
one step closer to it now :D



just bought a MG metro cam,
and waiting for some info and pics on a 998 engine which haas been recently rebuilt :D


just got my Cam :D

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Got my new console today :D

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i know i shouldn of bought it but i really wanted it!!!!


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wooo, one step closer now :D


just an update got a boost guage now :L

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im getting a kent 266 now as the mg cam is a bit hard to get hold of :L
and also will be buying the megajolt soon,
then the head is being sent off to be skimmed and ported polished and all that :)
then its go go go!!


got a delivery today
a nice good condition MG Metro cam

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just bought a new 12g295 head that is fully ported and polished, with unleaded valve seats so im going to use that instead of the head i got which needs loads of work,
then when thats done im reboring to 998 +40, putting the cam in and a x pin diff and centre oil pick up, then thats it until i can afford the manifold and MJ :)


the head has come and was packed amazingly :L

the head its red but i will be painting it yellow to match the 998 engine and no one will be any the wiser :ph34r:

mmm ported and polished mmm :wub:


right so the engine for now is going to be a
Fully strip down and rebuild so i know it will take the turbo and be running to the best of its ability, becuase nbow it is very rough and down on power :(

28/36 Weber Carb
RC40 1.75" Exhaust
LCB Manifold
Stage 3 12G295 Head
998+40 Making it a 1030cc
MG Metro Cam
X Pin Diff
Centre Oil Pickup

so hope fully that will give a nice 60 Bhp that will keep me happyfor know as i think the engine currently has like 34 or something low :L

so when i strip it down is there anything i should replace?
i will buy a full new gasket set
cam followers

not sure about the rest :/
new cam timing things, duplex?
any help would be amazing :)


just got my manifold for a 28/36 weber :D


went and got the carb which has been sitting under the reception desk of my familys window making bussines for like 25years :L

also i cleaned up the manifold and found a crack :(
so i will send this to be repaired :)
should i try and get someon money back off the person who sold it to me because they said it was fine?

will post some high quality ones after :)


thats off the list now :)
this is what i have now :)







GFE166 - OIL FILTER SPIN ON TYPE 1973 to 1996 (GFE443)


got to get some engine mounts but i want ones that wont give me any problem :/ how are the ones from huddersfield?
and i dont want to use minisport :L

anything else?


bought all the things i need for the carb to run now im going to order all the parts,
seeing as money is tight im not going to buy the diff as that would put my budget over a bit so im gonna leave it until i need it :D


all the parts came today :D
just got to order a few more things and its ready to go!


re built engine, cam followers, oil pump etc.
998+40 1030cc
12G295 stage 3 head- unskimmed
MG Metro Cam
lighten flywheel
28/36 weber

then front subframe is coming out replaceing all the mounts cleaning it up,
new engine mounts :)
and thats it for now

changed the looks a bit more so an update :L

Posted Image

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yeah with my friend, dad was moping about me and him doing it be he'll end up coming out and helping :L he alway does.
its my first time taking an engine out so im glad my mate knows what he is doing,

and alos i just ordered some engine mounts and a duplex timing kit,
just 3 more things need doing before i have every thing together,

put new jets and things in the carb,
get the maifold welded,
buy air filter for the carb :D

the machine shop is gonna bore it and get the pistons, crank bearings and flywheel lightend, all i got to do is clean the engine down strip it, fit all the bits and then re fit :D


Had an hour on it earlier before it got dark,
Got the bonnet and grill off,
All the radiator undone and the manifold bolts off,
Carb ready to come off,
Most of the water drained,
Got pics if you want them :)


Cleaned all the engine off today, now it looks alot better, but it's still dirty I think I'll do the worse parts when it's stripped so I can move it around easily,
Also got the head off and had a good feel of the bores and they had some lovely lips on them :L

Forgot my camera so crappy quality phone pics will have to do,
I will upload them after :)


block is split from the sump now :)
ring the shop tomorrow and then hopefully drop it down whenever :D
pics coming after


Cleaned of the flywheel housing, sump and timing chain cover today and ripped out the sound deadening out to replace with some better stuff :)
Gonna do the subframe tomorrow if it's not wet, and paint the timing chain cover:)


just dropped the block off to be worked on,
the gut said he cant even look at it until next thursday ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


changed all the front subframe mounts today :D
went well for my first time ever doing them,
had a job getting them to line up coreectly but i got there in the end :D
just waiting for the engine now


i had to order some pistons today because the shop couldnt get any :L
i only knew that because i rang them up and asked if theve had a look at it yet, think they would of kept me waiting otherwise grrr


im actually thinking someone hates me and doesnt want me to get this done,
i just had a call saying they recived the piston today only for it to be the wrong one :sneaky:
it was a standard 998 piston not +60
so he said he got in touch with the company and they are sending one out today and it should be there tomorrow :(
will i ever get it back!!!????


painted the block today :D
done everything i need to do now,
just got to put it all together :)


pics of the block


Posted Image

Posted Image


Posted Image

Posted Image


I'm going to start rebuilding the engine tomorrow :)
If I take pics I will post them :D



did a bit on the car today,
i have an anoying knocking coming from the back end, think it was where the shocks go into the arches so i took them out and the rubbers look fine so i just tightned it as much as i could,
and i sorted out the shocks as the ride was very hard, the back shocks were set at 4 above softest and the front was like 2 from the hardest OPPS
so i set it to one click above soft on the back and 0 on the front :D
so it should be a bit softer :L


ive got my second wind on turboing this again :L,
i got my passion for turbo back and i want it now!!
so the plan is getting the engine back in,
going to see my friend and talk about everything i need to do it,
get a megajolt,
get the rest of the bits i need and then do it!


ENGINE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

gonna start putting everything else on tomorrow :D:D:D


here are some high quality pics from thursday,
alot more has been done since, i will take some tomorrow :)

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well went up the garage and did a bit,
all i got to put on tomrrow before it runs is,
the gear linkage to the engine,
put CV boot on,
put the exhaust on,
oil filter,
oil in it,
set tappets and its ready to go


also i took my camera for better pics but i managed to leave the memory card at home :L
so here are crappy phone pics,


got the engine running after awhile of playing,
but it was making a loud rubbing noise from the the timing chain area,
i fitted a duplex timing chain but didnt know i had to modify the bloody cover,
so i had to drain all the new anti freeze i put in take the radiator out, lift the engine take all the pullys off, ruin a gasket just to do it :(

so now im stuck until i can order a new one,
heres a pic

will update you tomorrow if i can get a gasket :(

heres a vid of it running for 2 minutes :L


WOOO car is all done, been driving it all night and it feels good,
so much more torque than the old one :L
really tempting to put my foot down,
only put it down a inch max and it was pulling really well, cant wait to see what it like when i open it right up :D

gonna get set the timing and mixture tomorrow :)


yeah its
a 998cc +60 so its a 1046cc
a stage 3 12G295 head
28/36 Weber
Maniflow manifold
Rc40 twin box
MG Metro cam
Centre oil pick up
Duplex timing chain


came home from cornwall at 4pm after a 200 mile drive in a shitty matiz got dropped of at the gaarage straight away and took a proper car for a drive :L

it started straight away after 2 weeks of standing, thought the battery would be dead.
back to driving it now :D

also i have annihilated my passenger side hub nut :L

ive always had trouble with my wheel bearings coming loose but today they properly went,
brake pedal went all the way to the floor :L
so i have to do that now and im changing the hub too because the bearings spin in side that


fitted the grill properly yesterday,

i had to weld some threaded bar to the back and drill some holes into the front of the car :)

ive also rejetted the carb so thats gonna be going on once i make up a bracket for the accelerator cable :D


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


replaced the pipe and went for a drive :)

the first choke is perfecr but when the second comes in it splutters and jolts so thats out, will just use the single choke for now and get him to change that when i go to the rr :)


ive also ordered new front tires because i take roundabouts a bit to fast and have scrubed the sides off my tires well before they were due too,
after they have been fitted and ive had the rr i will get some camber set up on the wheels :)


just came back from the RR :)

64BHP and 64lbft, thats not too bad :D


it seams im not going to turbo my car anymore,
im going to save up for a nice 2L rwd number thats not rattly, noisy or small :L
the mini was a good first car but i think ive out grown it now and i find the mini scene extremely dull.

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Posted Image


Update!!!! Mini is gonna be turboed!

It's not gonna be done straight away but it is going to be,
Was just thinking to myself,
The car is in a garage now, I have another car so there's no rush in getting it done so I have a car to drive...


went and fitted the new master cylinder today as i have a day off work,
just need to bleed the breaks and shes road worthy.

heres a little vid i took.

you can hear the intake noise a bit too mmmmmmm


Turbo build is back on the go,

Just got a
turbo carb,
inlet manifold,
Inter cooler,
Plenum chamber thing,
Heat shield,
Dump valve

Will be buying the manifold and the ecu when I get back from America in October:D

Come at me turbo!


Just bought a turbo manifold:D

Got to get the ecu now and I'm ready to go!!


more done on the lexus!!


just bought some new wheels


Just bought a nodiz!!! Woooo
Will be buying all the cooling bits an fuel pumps etc on pay day then it's all getting started!


At last this build has started!!

I got the engine out today all by myself and took the head off ready to take it to the shop tomorrow ready for the head to be reworked



Engine is all stripped down, replacing the diff with the x pin one,

Head is being sent off for some work Monday.

New steering rack is on.

Going to be painting the engine bay today then :)

Also got the turbo oil feed and drain sorted out


engine bay now

was just a quick job nothing special.

also will be getting the head back this week,

so that will be back in on the weekend.

just built the X pin diff just need some new bearings for it and that can go back in.

all that needs do now is fit the fuel return pipe.


fit diff and clutch,

engine back in

get new exhaust system fitted

sort nodiz and it then its ready for the RR


not too much left:D


had a session on it today and got a couple of bits done :)

list from last time 

all that needs do now is fit the fuel return pipe.


fit diff and clutch,

engine back in

get new exhaust system fitted

sort nodiz and it then its ready for the RR




gonna chuck the engine in friday, then on saturday im going to get my dad to sort out the ecu and the electrics.

if the exhaust shop is open i'll take the car down to get the exhaust done and then once its back straight to the RR!!!!!

not much longer to wait now!!


list from last time 

all that needs do now is fit the fuel return pipe.


fit diff and clutch,

engine back in

get new exhaust system fitted

sort nodiz and it then its ready for the RR


Got the drive shafts back in today so that's one less thing,

Friday I will get the fuel tank back in and the gear linkage back in,

Down to the exhaust place on Saturday, have that back the weekend after then and just get all the little bits back in like the rad and things:D 



Took the mini down to the exhaust place today:D

Brand new system being made from turbo all the way back, gonna be nice and loud too :L


just spoke to the exhaust place should get it back next weekend:D


Mini is back home :)


Good a bit done today,

Only got to fit the fuel pump and put the tank back in,
Put the altenator on,
Then the carb bits and connect all the intercooler and get the ecu linked up and it's ready to run!!!


finally fitting one of the first things i bought for this turbo build today!!!

2 years and 7 months this has been going on for!!


not got it running yet:(
couple of things popped up to do ,

need to connect fuel lines and put the ecu bits on and its ready


Got most of it done now:D

I'm away for a week so it won't be running for a bit:(

Fuel pump is all wired up,

All I have to do now is

Set up the intercooler,
Connect the pipes for the actuator, map sensor and bov.
Then plug the ecu in and it's ready!!

Will put up pics if I can, just have use of my phone ATM so might be hard :L


Everything is done!!!!!!

Tried to get it started but I couldn't get it going:(

Gonna get my dad to help me tomorrow.

But the fuel pressure is good and the oil pressure:D

Will check the timing tomorrow with the help of my dad


Ran into another problem yesterday, the ecu gave up or I thought it had :/

Would give any spark on 2 or 4 spark plugs :/

Had the ecu checked and it all works so I've given the battery a full charge and we'll see what's going on tomorrow


It's started!!!!!

heres the start up vid:D

it got a little smoky in the garage :L


havent set the tick over or anything yet but the car moves under it own steam too which im happy about because i changed all the clutch and pressure plate for the first time!!

but i still cant use the car!!!:(


bloody typical!!!!


shes pretty much ready for the mot now!!!

got this the other day because mine was way too big and a pain in the dick to fit


this is what it looks like

look at that pipe work mmm

and with the bonnet on:D

when i was fitting the cooler i noticed it had a little hole in it so im gonna fill that up and refit it .

also when i started it its missing a bit i think its just way to rich atm so i will have to sort that out.

gonna book it in for the mot friday:D

also a liitle update on the lexus


The new cooler

Yeah i think it's pitted




After the polish




the turbo is *******keddd.

blowing oil into the bores like mad.



gave that guy a ring this morning and theve already come and picked the turbo up!!

also maybe i should of gave the bodywork some attention :L

and also ive had another parcel from dsn:D

i know lifting the bonnet doesnt help airflow at all but i need the extra room in the bay :L

also new oil drain!!

will probably need brazing up


Paid for the turbo today and will be getting it back tomorrow,

Just got to t in the water feed and refit it and then I'm ready to go!!:D

Will get it done Thursday as I have a Half day:D


turbo came back today:D

The turbo looks amazing!!!!!!

Looks brand new!


Car is all done!!

Just needs an mot now


just had my insurance quote for all the mods

anyone like to take a guys what the price was?


had the turbo back and this happend when i offered it up to the manifold




but to be fair it was really easy to turn because it hadnt been through a heat cycle to it turned by hand with a bit of force.
also the centre needed turning but it was a case of just undo the bolts moving it and doing them back up




spent all day working on it Friday got it all finsh and couldnt get an mot done over the weekend, NIGHTMARE

so my next day off is friday so that will be when its done

this is how it looks now



cant wait to get it out of the garage to get some decent pics and drive it of course!!

and the garage needs a proper good clean as its covered in rubbish haha


The car is ready to be tried out again :L

Tried another oil drain design and hopefully it will be ok this time haha

Feels like I've been here a million times lol

Wish me luck guys:D


Went up just now and got it running,

Doesn't seem to be any oil leaks,
Drove it down the drive and back up and it didn't leak, all the others have started leaking well before that so that's very good!!

I don't want to risk driving it about because it has no tax or mot,

But I'm gonna book it in for Monday and hopefully it passes!!

I'll upload the vid in a bit


Booked the car in for the mot

Thought I'd get it all ready to go, got it up to temp extra,

No leaks

Drove it a bit further and sometimes it didn't want to rev,

Parked it up an let it idle and the oil started coming,
Put it up on some ramps and yep once again oil dripping from the turbo:(

Rang midland turbo and they are having another look at it, if it's fine I'm going to fit a scavenger pump and not have to worry about bad oil drain problems :)


all back together and seams to be running well :)


oil pressure is a bit high i think, its at


60psi cold

40-45psi at hot

60psi when revved


no leaks yet









im back from uni

went up the garage to try and find out what the oil problem is caused by

i got it running and at about 1500-2000rpm to check the blowby,
i didnt get it completly up to temp had it halfway up to temp and the oil pressure was 60 psi, i checked how much crank pressure there was by taking the rocker cap off and held my hand over it and it was like someone was blowing on my hand decently hard.

im guessing it shouldnt be like that?


just done the compression test:(


1: 130

2: 140
3: 135
4: 130



2: 160

3: 150

4: 150


very annoying:(

looks like im gonna have to build up my 1275 engine.

just means more POWERRR


havent put any pics up in awhile..

heres some random ones




got a welder for christmas so i can fix the rust










hmmmmm ive just given myself alot of work





just did a bit of work today :)


look how much filler was on my a panel :L



took the A panel off

then rubbed back all the paint to see how far the rust goes, not to bad, a little plate shhould be fine :)





i'll cut this out next


i had another go today and what a difference!!!!
i know the welds aint pretty but i didnt want to grind them too much just incase the welds wernt the best haha
went from this

to this :)

then tackled this part


dont think its terrible for a first go:D






rust is all gone on that part :)


got the car like this

then i had to do this:(



also got a few parts :)


turbo is still blowing oil so im making a new and better oil drain, going to drill and weld a boss onto the gearbox so the oil will drain the best:D




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please follow the new one:D