My Forced Induction Project by Grahamxx

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My Forced Induction Project 

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Just finished this little project, going in the car on sat. Made all the bits myself






Going to be a busy Saturday I think!


I've made the tapper cone between the supercharger and the first flange to try and help with flow. All the pipe work has been roughened up in side, did this with a 40 grit mop, hoping this will help with the fueling issues I've heard about. Yes you could be right with the height of the flanges and the carb height, but this isn't a problem to adjust.

How reliable has your car been since you had your conversion? any problems? iceing up carb etc....


I have a few questions about your catch can. Where did you get it? there are 2 pipes on the side - what are those running? Looks like you have a breather up near the radiator - where is that one connected? I am in the process of doing my own supercharger and I am just trying to sort out the breather now. Thanks.

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