Gen1 heater control bulbs by zirconmr2

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Gen1 heater control bulbs 

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heres how to get at the bulbs in the heater controls

first get the controls out of the car

remove downtubes (might have to remove centre dash trim)
unscrew lower switches
unscrew radio
push heater controls back and the wiggle out of the dash
undo plugs etc

now you have this

pop the black clips with a flat screwdriver, 2 on each side, the front panel will come away

now with the same screwdriver, pop the controls off

now pull the internals out of the white housing

turn over the internals an you can see 2 bulb housings, turn them and they come out

once the bulb housing is out, you can either put a new bulb in the housing, put a led in the housing, or replace the housing and bulb/led in one lump, depends how you purchase them