Badev0's Build part 2 - Built 2.0/FF 6266 by badev0

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Badev0's Build part 2 - Built 2.0/FF 6266

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Part 1 is found here:

2012 DSM Shootout. This was the best Shootout yet. We had a very large group of friends from our area come down and enjoy the weekend. We arrived Thursday night, then enjoyed the day at Buschur's for the car show/dyno day. I was not planning on dyno'ing my car, but my friends somehow had my name on the clip board and money in my hand, so dammit I guess its getting dyno'd....

It put down 631/485.

Come Saturday, we got to the track around 2:30, just in time to get my tech card filled out and make some time trial passes. First run, the car broke up really bad. Studdering all the way to redline. Odd, I did a clean pull on the way to the track to make sure things were OK. I checked the plugs and they all looked fine. Everything else in the bay appears perfect as usual. I headed over to Buschur's booth and grabbed a new set of plugs. Gapped, installed, did another run, same thing. Must be ignition related, that sucks. Grabbed my friends stock ignition and threw it in, same thing. Tom and I lowered the boost and richened the tune almost 25% which got it to pull clean. Went and did a pass, [email protected] The issue is also very intermittent, it'll happen, then the next pull it wont. 

At this point, we aren't really sure is going on. Tune looks fine until it breaks up. I turned the car on after watching races, and it started running super lean at idle. That tells me its the primary pump. 

We swapped in another primary pump back at the hotel after our amazing dinner at a little diner in downtown Norwalk with our 20 group of people. Fired her up, back to normal. Awesome. Went and did a 2-3 pull to verify things are good, and it's back to full power. 

It is now Sunday, up at 7:30AM to check out our hotel to be at the track by 9. I line up to do my first pass, ready to throw down something good in the 9s hopefully. 

Launched off 7k, 1.49 60', grabbed 2nd...

...broke up all the way to redline...  At this point I have no clue what is going on. Cory @ STM with the black 2g offers to lend us his compression tester to check on the motor. First cyl, 150sh. 2nd, 150sh, 3rd, 120.... 4th, 150sh. (150 is pretty good for GSC S3's). Well, our guess is we burned a valve or a ring. The car only breaks up when the internal parts are really hot... especially when leaving off the two step that builds boost and crazy timing. 

Turns out I did qualify into the EE class, and after watching the class, I would have done real good it seems like. 

MONDAY NIGHT 8/20/12 - We did a leak down test to verify what the issue is. Turns out its either the rings or a ring land. About 25% loss. Combustion is getting into the crankcase for sure. It could also be the head gasket that failed in such away where that is happening. Possibly... I do still run standard ARP's at 90ft lbs that were installed almost 3 years ago using the 1x1 method. 

I removed the head and everything looks dandy. I was able to verify the motor was indeed stock. Must be the rings or ringlands on #3. I could easily just fix that issue, but I think its time I build the motor before a rod shoots through the block and causes way more damage and money. I took the StockECU/Stock block record so that's cool at least. 

Machining will be done by a local shop around the corner from my house. 

Manley Turbo Tuff I-beam rods

Wiseco HD 1400 10.5:1 compression pistons 

ACL Race bearings

ARP Main studs

O-ringed block 

OEM Gasket

MAP H11 headstuds

Custom "AMS" style balance shaft delete 

Head will be sent to Curt Brown for:

Supertech Nitrate coated SS valves

Race port

Bronze valve guides

Competition multi angle valve job

New seals

Pressure checked

Here is the full mod list:


Manley Turbo Tuff I-beam Rods

Wiseco 10.5:1 pistons

Curt Brown Street/Race head

GSC S3 Cams 

Kiggly HLA

MAP "UD" Beehives

PTE 6266 JB T3 .82a/r 

STM FF T3 Manifold

Tial 44MM WG

DeadHookTuning custom 4" SS to Aluminum Exhaust 

CBRD Half-size Rad 

STM Coolant Reservoir 

STM -6AN VC fittings


Full Blown 70MM TB

Buschur UICP 

Buschur Race FMIC 

Tial Q 50MM BOV

AMS Catch can

FIC 2150cc Injectors 

Buschur Double pumper 

-6AN feed 

AMS Fuel rail 

Stock ECU/Speed Density tuned by TSCOMPUSA

Grimmspeed 3 port EBCS 

Omnipower 4bar 

Spoolinup COP 

Bushwacker Trans

Quartermaster 8-leg

STM fork stop

Torque Solution Shifter cable bushings

Torque Solution Shifter base bushings

Torque Solution Driveshaft bushings

Torque Solution Motormounts

AMS Mustache bar elminiator 

15x7 Rota Slipstreams

Hoosier 26x9.5-15" QTP's

STM Drag Brake kit

STM wheel spacers

Hotchkis Lowering springs

Tubular front end 

Going after this class next year 


Great build!

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