From the depths (fair amount of pics) by evo_pirate

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From the depths (fair amount of pics)

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Hey everyone! I haven't been around the Evo community in a while, and was not super active here back then anyways. I primarily used EvoM more as a place to look at what others were doing and as a place to get info, so I was mostly just a lurker when I was on here previously. However, I finally have a build going on that some of you may find interesting, and I'm sure I may come across various things during this build where I'll need some info.

A quick backstory of myself and the car: I got my first Evo back in 2008. It was a 2005 WW with the SSL package. I had that for a few years, but got laid off and decided to go back to school, so I sold it off. During the time I owned my first one, I became friends with several other Evo owners that were local to me, which is how I came to own my current Evo. Several months ago, I decided it was it was time to pick up another project car and posted something about it on FaceBook. One of my old Evo buddies told me I should contact a mutual friend of ours about his car. I got ahold of the guy and we started talking about his Evo that had been totaled in the floods we had here in CO last fall, and he wasn't sure what to do with the car. The insurance company called it a total loss and cut him a check because it had been under 2+ feet of water. Once that happened, he was at loss as to where to go next because he didn't have the technical knowledge or budget to get it fixed. After talking with me for a bit, he said I could come look at it to see if it would be something I was interested in. Once I looked at we struck a deal that was too good to pass up and I arranged a time to come pick it up from him. 

Once I got it back home I started pulling everything apart just to get it cleaned up and get rid of the nasty mud so I could start working on it. It had been sitting in the exact spot where it got flooded from the time of the flood until I picked it up, so it was pretty nasty inside as you'll see below. This car has had a rough life, 1st owner rolled it according to Carfax, then the owner before my friend seemed to do things on the cheap and questionable way and then the flood, and had I not been there to save him he'd be going to the scrap yard/crush most likely. Now we'll let some of the pictures do that talking (note that any wet spots or standing water had been there for at least 6 months).

Here we are loading it up. He had forgot the key at home and the steering wheel was locked with it ever so slightly turned, naturally. So we had to do a bit of finagling.

These pics show the condition of the exterior which was in this condition before the flood damage had even taken place, like I said this car has had a rough life.

Now lets see the flood damage...

The engine bay is worse then it looks

The wonderfully ghetto battery relocation

Now that we've seen where this car was lets start tearing it down.

The center console still had water in it as well and the mounting bracket underneath was nice and tasty

Had these guys try to set up shop a few times in different locations, I hate them!

That's how the interior is currently sitting. Now on to the front end.

Once I got things like the bumper, crash beam, intercooler and radiator out of the way I found some damage. I'm guessing from the first owner since it matches the report of it being over turned. But really it could be from any of the previous owners.

Also found that the transmission has seen better days. Nice big crack across the front of the housing. Not really sure what happened here. Previous owner was unawear of it but that doesn't mean much its not like he was under there a lot or ever...

This is just one of many treasurews I've found so far in this car. Someone went a little crazy with washers.

I've also run across some mold in different areas. The steering wheel was interesting because as you can see in previous pictures there was no mold present however when I took it off and put it off the the side the thing exploded with it.

That's where the car stands now there is still a lot of work left but hopefully it'll all come together nicely in the end.