MAP Stage 2 LR 2.4L Build by Blue91lx

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MAP Stage 2 LR 2.4L Build

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Alright guys,

I bought my first Evo off of EvoM Summer of 2011. I had built three Mustangs prior and was excited about the new platform.

However, the car was neglected and fell apart on me completely a few weeks after I had it. The only good parts that were on the car were the built shortblock and the turbo. The kit was bad, the head was junk, there were eBay parts that were said to be good aftermarket parts, there were fabricated parts that looked as if a child had welded them, gaskets reused, engine bay had never been cleaned, oil leaks, improper installation of many parts, PATHETIC wiring, neglect of maintenance, etc.

You get the point.

After MUCH trial and error since then, I have learned this platform inside and out.

So far I have replaced everything on the car except for the drivetrain, and decided it was time to do just that.

Thus, my before and after mod list is as follows, and the build started yesterday!

My goals for the car are as follows:

-I want to make torque. I have carefully chosen my parts with that in mind. I'll be running the stock IX turbo until summer, at which time I will send it out for a stock frame upgraded (TBA).

-I want the car to be fun, and most importantly, reliable.



-Built 2.0L

-JE 10:1 Pistons

-Eagle Rods

-ARP Head Studs

-AMS Balance shaft delete 


-Brian Crower 272s

-Brian Crower Springs/Retainers

-Everything else stock


-Destroyed PWR Radiator

-Thermostat installed upside down (causing blown head gasket)

Turbo Kit:

-Garrett GT35R w/ .63 housing

-Tial 38mm wastegate 

-Shearer t3/t4 tubular manifold 


-FabThis custom 3"inch vband downpipe (awful quality)

-FabThis custom intercooler piping (awful quality)

-FabThis custom dump tube (awful quality)

-XS Power FMIC 


-Precision 1000cc injectors

-Dual walbro 255LPH fuel pumps (1 inline before fuel rail...awful setup)

-Steel braided fuel rail line 


-Exedy twin disk clutch 

-Installed completely wrong. Wasn't even salvageable when removed.

-Stock Trans/T-Case



-AEM wideband 

-AEM Boost controller 

-AEM oil pressure gauge 

-Stewart Warner 40psi boost gauge 

Other Mods:

-Thermal Research full 3" exhaust fit to jdm rear bumper (awful quality welds)

-No intake at all



MAP Stage 2 2.4L

-Wiseco HD Pistons

-MAP Ultimate Duty 156mm Rods

-MAP H11 Head Studs

-Cosworth Cosmetic Head Gasket

-JMFab Catch Can

-Two -10an lines off of head

-One -6an off of breather on front of motor


-Blended Bowls and casting cleanup

-Supertech Seals

-Valve Job

-Hot tank


-GSC S2 Cams

-SuperTech Duals


-Koyo Evo 6 Radiator

-OEM Thermostat

-Custom -12an Upper Coolant Line

Turbo Kit:

-Stock IX Turbo (for now)

-Curt Brown Ported Exhaust Manifold

-Curt Brown Ported Intake Manifold

-JMFab 2.5" UICP

-Nisei LICP

-Nisei FMIC

-Hallman Pro RX MBC


-FIC 1250cc BlueMax

-Warlbo 400lph In-Tank Fuel Pump w/ STM Rewire

-FuelLab AFPR with MAP Install Kit

-Stainless Fuel Rail Line


-Shep Stage 2 Trans

-Ultimate Ratio

-Double Synchros

-REM Treated

-Magnus Fuel Rail

-Stock Rebuilt T-Case

-Comp HD 6 Puck Ceramic Sprung Clutch

-ACT Streetlite Flywheel

Other Mods

-SpoolinUp COP

-AMS Stainless 3" Exhaust w/Ti Tip

-Mil Spec Throttle Body Seals

-JMFab 3" Speed Density Intake


-Stock ECU with Tephra V7

-AEM Wideband

-AEM Oil Pressure Gauge 

-Stewart Warner 40psi Boost Gauge 

And the build has begun!