my evo x build by paulekas

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my evo x build

Compliments of paulekas @


here is my 2008 evo x 8k miles wide body 

ets 4" Intercooler

ETS Intake 

Exedy Cerametallic Stage 4 Clutch Kit HD 

ACT ACT XACT Streetlite Flywheel 

South Side Performance SSP Clutch Master Cylinder

Brian Crower Brian Crower Mitsubishi 4B11T Evolution X Camshafts 

Ultimate Racing Ultimate Racing 3" O2 Housing Downpipe 

Ultimate Racing Ultimate Racing 3" Test Pipe

Ultimate Racing Ultimate Racing 3" Dual Exit Catback Exhaust

Boomba Boomba Racing Fuel Rail (Mitusbishi Evo X)

fp red turbo

dw 1300cc

BC Racing BR series Coilover Kit

double walboro 255

Wiseco Mitsubishi EVO 10 pistons

Manley Manley H Beam Connecting Rods

ACL bearings

ARP head studs

tires 335/35/19 rear 275/40/19 front


507whp 476torque

that was on the first motor which blew up...

second motor:

erl block with manley pro rods cp pistons

machine shop valve job deck surface

supertech 1mm intake valves 

supertech 1mm exhaust valves

supertech dusl valve spring and retainer kit

some engine pic