VQ35DE Into My S14 by Dorrifto

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VQ35DE Into My S14

Compliments of Dorrifto at www.zilvia.net


So i am about mid way through this build. And have so far gotten a lot done!

pulled the motor out a couple weeks ago.

and brought the new VQ home

Been getting lots of parts in the mail

converted it to a 5 lug the other day

hoping to get more parts in tomorrow. and HOPEFULLY by the end of the week, i will have my wiring harness back from Z-Fever so i can start dropping this motor in. 

to see more of the pictures, go to the following link. i will most likely update it more often. 

Pictures by Dorrifto - Photobucket

Done with my rotors. 

they sent me the wrong brake pads tho. i ordered EBC redstuff and they sent greenstuff. so i emailed them and hopefully they fix the problem. i'm keeping the greenstuff too. lol


I got my rims in today. my fenders in the rear are DEFINITELY gonna need rolled, and most likely pulled. yes, in the picture, there IS major toe in as well. have all new suspension parts though, so getting an alignment will be major priority before i go messing up these new tires.

also got the exhaust hung

and some new leathers for my shifter-boot and e-brake


i really dont like how close to that firewall it is. but any closer forward, and the oil pan is hitting the sway bar.

drive-by-wire throttle peddle installed. 

McKinney motor mounts

shifter bracket and short throw shifter. 

have some more pics and updates after the weekend. STILLLLLL waiting for more parts to come in the mail.