7AT Transmission Cooler by Wonka2581

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7AT Transmission Cooler 

Compliments of Wonka2581 @ the370z.com


I jusy finnished installing my STILLEN Transmission cooler this DIY is for all the 7AT guys and girls, so far I have noticed the transmission feels the same but with one diffrence, when I beat on the car on a hot day the transmission feels like it shifts easier with a little less lag time. But the benefits of having the cooler are extending the life of your transmission! I used the stillen kit, I ran the kit in line with the stock cooler thats already on the car (dual coolers on the transmission) With out further adieu

1) remove the front bumper

2) locate the stock transmission cooler lines they are on the drivers side right behind the radiator.

3) disconnect one of the lines you will lose some fluid I used a line clamp to prevent any axcess fluid loss.

4) mount your transmission cooler i chose to mount it to the aluminum bar/bumper

5) Connect one of the lines from the new cooler to the line you disconnected on the transmission.
(NOTE) WSTAR stated that stillen shipps the cooler kit with 3/8" hose and the car has 5/16" lines, If you look at the hard lines coming off the transmission they are 3/8" that taper down to 5/16" just slide the new hose a little higher up on the hard line and clamp it.

6) Run the other line from the new cooler to the line coming from the stock cooler attach it with a F to F barb. 

7) start the car and check for leaks.

I chose to mount the cooler upside down (it was my choice) therefore I could not fill the cooler, And with Nissan and their infinite wisdom you cannot add any fluid to the transmision your self, I went to the dealer and had them top off the transmission fluid.

Stock lines

Mounted cooler

F to F barb

My shop behind the house.