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DIY Shift Boot Install

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Nissan 370Z shift boot installation instructions

Tools Needed:

Strap wrench

Vice grip

Philips screwdriver

scissors or clippers

zip tie

Reach underneath the center console from the inside and pull upwards to remove the center console.

Once you lift it up, you can see the shaft. You need to make sure not to twist this shaft when you are trying to remove the shift knob.

Wrap a towel around the shaft and clamp down on it with a vice grip. Have someone hold this while you unscrew the shift knob.


Use a strap wrench to unscrew the shift knob counter clockwise to loosen it. It is on there very tight.

Once the knob has been removed you can lift the center console up and see the 6 screws you will need to remove to get to the boot. These screws can be removed now or you can unplug the wire that goes to your hazard button and S-mode button.

This is the wire that goes to your center console for the 2 buttons. If you disconnect this, you can take the whole center console out and make the rest of the install job much easier.

Once you've removed the 6 screws you can peel the two halves apart and see that the shift boot is held in place by 10 small pegs and 4 larger mounting posts/screw holes. Remove the shift boot from these.

Your two halves should look like this once you've separated them and removed the shift boot.

Turn your shift boot inside out to see the collar that the boot is attached to. This collar keeps the top of the boot in place. 4 straps from the shift boot are held down by a zip tie that goes all the way around the collar. Remember the orientation of the collar, then cut the zip tie to remove the collar.

Turn your new shift boot inside out and attach the 4 straps to the collar in the same way. Make sure the straps go in the wide crevices of the collar. Wrap a new zip tie around the whole thing to secure it.

Put the new shift boot through the pegs and mounting holes as shown.

Put the 6 screws back on.


Your new shift boot is installed! Just remember to re-connect the wire for the hazard lights button and S-mode button before putting the center console back in your car. You do not have to tighten the shift knob as much if you don't want to.