The Sentra fixup

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6-27-2017 Bros Wrenching!


We got this car for a week or two, with a budget of ~$600 we're gonna see what we can come up with. Here is some photos.

Needs new front bumper and hood

New fender 

Most of the hubs are toast

Window trim, don't know how lucky we will get his these

Rest is pretty much road rash, we're gonna see what's at the local junkyards


Decided to give her a wash and start a list, here's an engine before/after

Steve started to see what we would need to buy to do basic engine maintenance.

Remove 2 bolts from engine cover 10mm

To check the plugs we had to remove the manifold


Gonna start looking at the suspension, brakes etc on the car.  Add needed parts to the list and these sweet hub caps!

Start by blocking some tires, I did both rears. Bring out your jack and stands, these lugs were 21mm.

Jacked it up and took a look.  We have new front pads, looks like we will need tie rod ends, cv boots etc look alright.

Knarley bro! 4-lug to 5-lug conversion!

Started the rear, went through the rest of the wheels, finished up the list

I checked out the air filter which needs to be replaced here are some photos.