Jack/Remove wheels

Time/Difficulty: 5 -10 minutes/wheel
Tools Needed:
  • Jack
  • Stands
  • Breaker bar
  • Socket wrench
  • 21mm
  • Deadblow or rubber hammer
By diyauto
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Start by securing you vehicle in place. I put two sets of bricks behind both rear tires, and moved them as I moved around the vehicle.

Grab your tools, we had just did a tire rotation a month ago so I knew we didn't need a deadblow or rubber mallet to break the rim free.

Start by breaking the lugs free, I tend to do this 1 wheel or section at a time using the breaker bar

Find a good jacking point, I like to be more rear the wheel.

Then use the socket wrench to loosen.

Remove wheel.

Put wheel back on, we got some of these killer hub caps :) lol

Tighten with socket wrench, then lower vehicle with jack after removing stand. Proceed to torque to speck.

Here are some pics of the rear, its the same process.


Good basics reminder!

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