Duster Resto-mod Build by 76orangewagon

By diyauto
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Duster Resto-mod Build 

Compliments of 76orangewagon @ http://www.lateral-g.net


Hello lateral-G members, I been following several build here and decided to start posting pics of my build. I purchased this car in September of 2010 and spent the first several months just replacing panels and fixing rust, I tknow from the begining I was leaning toward a mild pro touring build I wanted the lowered look, upgraded suspension and some modern convenience's what I am ending up with is more of a Resto Mod. The car has a custom built Triangulated rear suspension and also a custom front coil over conversion K member built around the car not the car built around it...basically I got my car at the desired stance and first and designed the suspension around it.
I have several pages of the build on another forum but I feel that my car would be better suited here since I've drawn several design inspirations from builds here. The car has a 8 3/4 rear with a 3.91 detroit tru trac center, future plans for the driveline will be a old fashion 340(stroked to 416) and a 727 torqueflight...


Nice build and details!

Posted by Diggymart on 12/6/19 @ 1:48:50 AM