4th Gen BBC Project by ulakovic22

By stevegolf
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4th Gen BBC Project

Compliments of ulakovic22 @ www.ls1tech.com

Figured I would finally post my project car since it's about to be finished. I still have a lot of work to do, but most of the parts have been bought and are just waiting to go on. Here is the car.....

Here it is after I painted the engine bay

All the motor stuff....Gen V 502 bored .100, 4.25 Eagle crank, Crower SPS +.250 rods, Wiseco Low Dome Pistons netting 11.1 CR, Comp Endurex SR lifters, Comp 1.7 Pro Mags, Bret Baur SR cam, misc hardware.


Great build

Posted by Diggymart on 3/31/20 @ 6:33:10 PM