PROJECT "UNLEASHED" (My 99' Trans Am) by LT1Formula007

By diyauto
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 Yeah it should be a Very Fun Street car! I'm gonna build this 1 to be perfectly Streetable with all the creature comforts and yet not have to do too much to turn it into a FULL Drag Car if I ever decide to do that!
Meaning, I'll have everything I need to be legal at the track as well as still running AC, Radio, Power Steering, Power Brakes, etc... But with a few days work, I could GUT CHECK it and really lighten it up if ever I wanted a Full Drag car!
I'm more concerned with having decent gas mileage and being able to cruise from here to Florida if I wanted to. 

*Not Looking for a 13:1 Race Gas Breathing, 5000 Stalled TH400 that revs to 5k rpms on the highway at 50 mph, and a 9 inch with 4:56 gears. And a sub 3,000 lb car thats gut checked and has no creature comforts. 
That's just Not very appealing to me really.

I'm really just hoping it will have great street manners, as well as perform amazing at the track - for what I'm doing to it.
It's a completely Borderline Street/Strip setup.

Follow along with the thread man!
I Should have it done by the end of summer, and planning on hitting the track by early fall!
Then this coming Winter, it's Back to Eric at Midwest Chassis for some more work... Not gonna spoil that surprise either.

I would like to make it to the LSxShootout this year, but I may not be able to get it all done by the deadline. We'll see though. I'd be running in the "True Street" part of it of course!