The brian mod.(lots of pics)

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The brian mod.(lots of pics)

Compliments of brian_rs/ss @


so myself and brian(70hemicuda) tackled a project with his fog lights today. basically it's the whistler mod for T/A fogs.

our materials list:

1. krylon fusion gloss black
2. 1000 grit sand paper
3. 10mm socket and ratchet
4. flat head screw driver
5. phillips head screw driver
6. heat gun
7. masking tape
8. meguiars quick detailer
9. meguiars plastx
10. clear silicone RTV
11. ramps stands/jack(this car is lowered)

gain access to the fog lights by undoing the plastic rivets on the under side of the front bumper.

take the ratchet and 10mm socket and remove the 4 10mm bolts that attach the fog light brackets to the bumper support. remove the bulb from the light housing, then jockey the housing/bracket assembly out through the front of the bumper.

grab the heat gun and start heating the seam where the lens and housing meet. this takes awhile, so be patient. give it a good few minutes worth of heating before trying to pry them apart. once hot grab a flat head screw driver and start wedging the two apart. **IF YOU HEAR A CRACKING SOUND DON'T WORRY THAT'S JUST THE GLUE BREAKING LOOSE**

once both lenses are off start prepping the surfaces for paint. lightly sand the inside of the light with the 1k grit sand paper until it's all scuffed. then grab what ever you like to remove substrate from the surface to be painted. then mask off the little metal shield in the center of the housing.

PAINT! grab your can of paint and go to town. we ended up spraying about 4 even coats. allowing 10-15 min of dry time between each coat. it's a tricky surface to cover so you might have to get creative.

after 1st coat:

after last coat:

clean up the lenses and hit them with some plastx.

take the RTV and run a bead around the recess where the old glue was and then carefully place the lense back on making sure that it lines up with the notch at the top of the housing.


SO...whatya think?

(btw he has HID fogs and the volume of light is still more than enough)