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Window alignment write up

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I am by no means an expert but heres what it took to finally get my window to line up properly.
BTW i had a problem with the front of my window not going all the way up, before AND after installing a new motor.


A & B. Brush assy: this keeps your window tight against the outer rain seal. If it's loose your window will "rattle" when you shut the door with the window partially down. CAREFUL when adjusting, if you relax to much of the pressure it places on the window, the plastic support (kinda off white looking) that attaches to the bottom of the window glass, will hit it. It will also cause the window to bind up causing your problem to be worse. My car had one of the brush assy's broken off, causing the window tint to get torn all to hell!

C. Forward window stop: This keeps the front from going up to far. Mine didn't even touch it.

D & E. Horizontal regulator track bolts: Track where one of the regulator arms travels. This is where my problem was.....

F. Aft regulator track stop: This keeps the back from going up to far.

NOTE: None of the bolts or nuts were removed, just loosened!!  

1. Sometimes the brush assy's will work their way loose. After adjusting the aft brush assy (A) tighter, the front of the window improved slightly. As an experiment i removed both A and B to see what would happen and i thought the damn window was going to break! If you don't have a hold of it it will bind up pretty bad.

2. Next i looked at the fwd window stop (C) to see if it was as simple as moving it up a little. Well you know how that goes. Mine wasn't even touching so that wasn't the problem.

3. I adjusted the aft regulator stop (F) down then up. When adjusted all the way up, the front gap did improve but the rear of the window went to far up and would start to push the t-top up. So i put it back to normal.

4. Next tried adjusting horiz regulator track (D & E). when i looked inside the door it seemed that if i moved the track up, it would allow the front of the window to travel further up. You have to loosen (E) for (D) to be able to travel up and down. DO NOT take them out!!!! Just loosen!
That got the gap to less than an 1/8 inch which at this point i almost called it good enough. Well when rolling the window up with the door closed there was still enough of a gap to let water in with the door closed.

5. Lastly I tried moving the fwd end of the track full down, (D). The front of the window went full up so i closed the door and i'll be damned, tighter than a frogs ***!!!

I didn't have a manual or directions so the nomenclature i used for the components are names i made up.

Hope this helps!

Any questions, PM me