Correct Wastegate Position, Placement, and Plumbing

By diyauto

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Wastegate position placement and plumbing can be particularly confusing, daunting, and generally debated across the board.

Even if you have the proper sized gate and tubing, position, angularity and placement can be confusing. The internet has TONS of right and wrong answers, though they are scattered about and hard to decipher.

We have built a ton of projects around here at Motion and as always want to share you the information we have learned through success and failure.

Side note: wastegate sizing is very important. Have questions? Definitely give us a holler at [email protected] or (800) 878-9274 during business hours. We are happy to help!

We carry Precision ( PTE ), JGS, and Turbosmart wastegates in house. Though these principles will apply to every brand including ON3, Tial, VS Racing, and more!

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