1941 Streamliner by uscjason

By diyauto
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1941 Streamliner

Compliments of uscgjason @ forums.aaca.org


My new ride just wanted to show it off a bit.



Picked this up in Knoxville Tn, it is all original and complete with some parts that came with it. I love to peruse craigslist and this was one I couldn't pass up. My father and I will be restoring this to original condition when I visit him from Alaska where I live, so this will take awhile but it is a good solid start and will be my drive around car when I come home to visit. The few things you see missing in the photos came with the car so it is complete. I will need some help on replacement and restoration people for certain things and this looked like a good place to find some info. Thanks for the warm welcome


I am not sure what I will do for the outside but a good buff and polish wont hurt it for sure. I know I will have to redo the interior, frame and part of one running board as it was replaced by a piece of galvanized. Here is a link to some more pics. Thanks for the comments.



Very cool ride!

Posted by Diggymart on 2/21/20 @ 7:33:10 PM