EVOMS 775 997.1 TT build by bonehead

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EVOMS 775 997.1 TT build

Compliments of bonehead @ www.6speedonline.com


Well, I've had this beauty for almost a year and half and have enjoyed every single minute of it (well, except for that Bilstein fiasco...but I digress...). I've managed to keep her stock power-wise, always wondering what a little more power to an already phenomenal car would be like....well....I'm going full monte. Car is in the hands of the EVOMS crew in Tempe to get some 'tweaks'. Contacted Ian with the original intention of getting the 650 kit. Somehow, I was convinced to invest in the 700/720R kit......wait a sec....775? What the?!!?!?(yes, Ian, I truly hate you)

The 700/720R kit includes
-EVOMSit ECU Chip Switch - Utilizes "On The Fly Switching" with 2 X EPROMS
-EVOMS / SRE Stage 3 Clutch
-EVOMS High Flow VTG Turbochargers w/ Billet Compressor Wheels
-EVOMS ClubSport 44.5mm Exhaust Headers
-EVOMS ClubSport Intercoolers (charge coolers) w/ Silicone Boost Hoses
-EVOMS High Flow Silicone Turbocharger Air Inlet Ducts
-EVOMS Billet Turbocharger Boost Recirculation Valves
-Gaskets, Hardware & Installation Components

I already have a BBI Stage III exhaust with 200 cell cats which I plan on keeping. I may lose a touch of power running the cats, but I'm sure I won't notice.

The 775 upgrade includes

EVOMS ClubSport High Flow Silicone Turbo Air Inlet Ducts
EVOMS ClubSport HED Ignition Coils w/ Denso Platinum Spark Plugs
Bosch 83mm Throttle Body with Larger Intake Plenum
EVOMS Lightweight Billet Underdrive Crank Pulley
EVOMS EVT775 Software Calibration with Optional “Dual Modeâ€Â Chip Switch*
Porsche / EVOMS Vacuum Line Update Kit
Porsche Fuel Filter

In addition, getting stainless steel brake lines and a desperately needed brake fluid flush for more stopping power as well as the the GT2 slave cylinder conversion, which I have been waffling over for the last year. Trans is coming out anyway...so, I thought what the heck

Aside from the BBI Stage III exhaust, power is stock...for now.

Some pics from the shop

Coming off the dyno for a baseline run

On the lift

Baseline dyno (she's a strong one)

Baseline dyno

Either myself, or perhaps Ian, can keep the thread updated with the progress. Hope to get her back later this month....perfect temps in the desert for low IAT's


Naughty bits

IPD Competition Plenum with GT3 TB's arrive

Clubsport IC's

Stock Turbos

Exhaust off


Front steel brake lines installed for better stopping power

Rear brake lines

Preparing to install the IPD competition plenum/GT3 throttle bodies

GT2 Slave, SRE Stage 3 clutch and transmission installed


Almost there....

The hardware install is almost finished. Waiting on the inlet duct fittings for the IC's and the replacement KW shock from Rennsport-1. Unfortunately, i have no idea when the latter will get here

Then it's off to the dyno room for some of Todd Z's magic

Still in bits and pieces

OEM crank pulley off

Clubsport crank pulley on

OEM VTG's and manifolds off

EVT VTG's installed

IPD Competition Plenum

With the 82 mm throttle body

Air inlet ducts installed waiting to get mated to the IC's

Clubsport IC's and hoses waiting to go back on


BBI exhaust and EVT VTG's back on

EDIT: let me clarify that Justin@Rennsport-1 has been very helpful in trying to get the KW situation resolved. My intention was not to 'bash' him or his company, but just to express my EXTREME frustration with my repeated suspension problems.


Dropped off the KW shock at EVOMS today. Had a nice chat with Todd Z. regarding the dual switch and goals for the race map. 

My original intention was to go for 'pump' setting and a full on 'race fuel' map running pure MS109. My thoughts were to maximize power output of the bolt-ons using the highest unleaded octane available. But according to him, 94 would essentially max out the power gains of the upgraded VTG's (i.e. MS109 would provide a good safety net, but wouldn't yield any appreciable gains over 94). Ah well. Guess that saved me a ton of $$ in race fuel

So, coilover goes back on Monday, dyno tuning starts Monday/Tuesday. Car back in my hands next week. WOOT! Stay tuned....

Car in the bullpen waiting for next week. Todd Z. checking out the car



Suspension back on. Supposedly hit the dyno this afternoon to get the baseline pump files setup. Decided on doing the dual switch so tomorrow back it goes for the race maps. ECU gets bench flashed and the switch installed into the console. Will hopefully get some vid of the action tomorrow.


Update on my update

Was on my way to watch my car on the dyno and was told that due to some 'programming' issues, it won't go back on today. No biggie aside from the fact that I wanted to see that sucker on the rollers myself. I HOPE it will be going back on tomorrow, but unfortunately I have to report to the rockpile and won't be able to watch. I'm counting on Ian to get some good vid, though

Crossing my fingers that all will be done on Thursday so I can pick her up!


Car didn't make it onto the dyno until late afternoon. Gave me a chance to scoot over there after work to catch some of the action.

Low and behold, Sharky made a guest appearance from NorCal and was with Todd in the car making pulls. 

Didn't get to stay for too long, but apparently something was amiss with the car. Inconsistent power and pulled timing = bad gas? (pump 91 and a 'splash' of 100 (Todd's words, not mine)

Decided to let the car sit tonight, drain the tank tomorrow and give her some fresh MS100.

One of several pulls that night (sorry for the crap iPhone vid)

Hopefully, the maps will be finished tomorrow, programmed into the chip, install the switch, and I get to take her home

Todd and Alex: thanks for burning the midnight (or at least 7 o'clock) oil trying to get this done tonight


Today was the final day of tuning. Erratic power output and pulled timing yesterday. Something wrong with the car or the fuel. As Sharky alluded to ^^, Todd smelled something amiss with the 100 octane they put in yesterday. To take the fuel out of the troubleshooting equation, plan was to drain the tank and fill with MS109.

Car strapped on the dyno.

PIWIS hooked up to activate the fuel pumps to drain the tank

Emulator hooked up and ready for tuning

John and Ian filling the tank with pure, newly opened VP MS109

Two of the pulls

Best run (sorry, no vid):

After figuring out yesterday's results were from bad fuel, Todd mixed some pump 91 and re-dyno'd. Didn't catch those but was told the power was essentially the same.

Comparing this to the baseline dyno I originally posted, gains were approximately 220 awhp and 210 ft-lbs of tq

I'll (or Ian) will post some dyno plots when they're available. 

Due to a bit of a late start, still needed to finish programming, reinstall the rear bumper, and install the dual switch in the cabin = car not ready until tomorrow. 

I still haven't driven this thing, but needless to say, I'm excited!

Will post impressions after I get to drive it tomorrow night


Little bit. Todd was saying they had similar problems when tuning your car.

Car is officially done....Just still at the shop.

Epic picture


Picked up the car this morning. Will post some early impressions later. I'll leave you with this

Gonna try to take it out one more time before dinner.

In the meantime, enjoy the photography of Chris Parvin and the 775's first outing:

More here:




Sorry. Evening drive was derailed by baby

Just woke up, gonna drink my coffee, watch some football, attempt to install my Dension (attempt being the operative word), and then drive the CRAP outta this car

Impressions (and hopefully some video) later today....I promise

Few initial impressions since I picked up the car yesterday:

-GT2 clutch slave conversion/Sachs Stg III racing clutch:

First thought: oh s&*t. I'm never going to make it out of the parking lot It's heavy. No doubt about it. I creeped out and did a few gingerly pulls behind EVO. Engagement is much closer to the floor (which I prefer). Not sure I would say I can feel the engagement point better but slipping it as it engages is easier to modulate despite the significantly increased effort (does that make any sense?). This mod would be very annoying in stop/go traffic. Need to break in the clutch for a few hundred miles, so I haven't killed it yet, but so far, I likey

-It's a 'sleeper'

aside from the mish mash of aero I put on the car, it's a relative 'sleeper'. Nothing to distinguish it from a stock-powered turbo at first glance....oh wait....open up that center console....

Very clean install.

-Very streetable

Aside from the clutch, the street manners of the car really haven't change too much. The power comes on much faster than a stocker, but unless your foot is to the floorboard, it's very controllable.

-Getting on it

I have a few stretches of open road behind the house. Thought I would try to get a better sense of how it felt leadfooting it. Well, I can tell you...I really don't know because I couldn't go more than 3/4 throttle at any point. Although somewhat deserted, any cars in front of me would come up VERY quickly even after giving them a pretty wide berth. 

-Zero-to-Jail time in 3 seconds flat

Ok, I don't really know how long it would take to get to straight-to-jail time, but it ain't long

No clutch dumping, easy shifts, again 3/4 throttle

I think Santa may bring me a PBox this year, so I all I have for now is worthless butt-dyno data.

Leave you tonight with a glamour pic, courtesy of Ian@EVOMS

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