Time for Some Body Upgrades by Purplxd

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Time for Some Body Upgrades 

Compliments of Purplxd @ 6speedonline.com


Well I decided my 996 is looking a little dated and I think I'm going to upgrade the look.

I picked up some litronic/xenon 02+ headlights and fenders this weekend and here is what I'm going to do with the body:

Front Bumper (TechArt style):  http://precisionporsche.com/imager.p...&max_width=800
Rear Bumper (2011 GT3 style for 996 narrow body): http://precisionporsche.com/imager.p...&max_width=800
Rear Wing (GT2 style for narrow body): http://precisionporsche.com/imager.p...&max_width=800
Turbo style ducts (will be functional intakes for my supercharger): http://precisionporsche.com/imager.p...&max_width=800

PS The ducts will be functional as I'll be creating a route for the air to enter the engine bay where my supercharger air intake is.


Oh and yes, my Aero kit parts are for sale:  FS: Porsche 2001 996 C2 Parts - Aero Kit Parts


Sold almost all of the parts of my car, sourced 2002 headlights and fenders already (sitting in my basement) that are mint, and just ordered all of my body panels from Precision Porsche today!

Totally excited to get everything and put it together. And of course paint!


Ya in looking at the fact I also did 997 mirrors, it is changing the car to a more modern, sharper line look with the air intakes, bumpers, and wing I also went with.  

So I took your advice, and Precision is making TA 997 style for my 996 narrow body car. Will take a few weeks to make, but I think they are going to be wicked with the overall look of the car.

I've attached a pic of what I got and listed my factory Aero skirts:  FS: Porsche 996 GT3 - Aero - MK1 - Side Skirts - OEM Factory


Just doing some initial test fitting, etc, but thought I'd share some pictures of the parts so far.